Bit 7 Chapter Seven: Its all gone wrong

Claire's POV

It was early in the morning and the sun was just creeping through the curtains, not enough to completely wake Claire up just enough to awake her from her deep sleep.

While she was still half asleep she felt someone put their arm around her "Shane, we have to get up" she said tiredly.

What she wasn't expecting to hear was a deep "OK" that was not Shane's voice. Her eyes shot open immediately and she quickly turned around to be faced by her boss, Myrnin, still asleep.

"Shit!" shock filled her voice. She looked around to see hers and his clothes lying limply on the floor "Shit! This isn't good" She said again, now with worry more than shock. She got up and checked her phone, 9 missed calls and 2 texts from Eve "This really isn't good"

"Something wrong?" Myrnin asked. He was sitting up in the bed watching her.

Claire picked up her clothes and started to get dressed "Yes, this is wrong. This shouldn't be happening. I should be waking up next to my boyfriend, not my boss. I'm a terrible person."

She was just about to leave when something Myrnin said caught her attention "You don't love him" she stopped and stood in the door way, her back facing Myrnin. "If you loved him you would be with him right now but your not, your with me"

"Of course I love Shane" She was already feeling guilty enough and this wasn't helping at all.

"Then what is he doing now?" Myrnin inquired. "Most likely he is wondering where you have been all night and your probably not going to tell him the truth, are you dear?"

Claire didn't know how to answer him, of course she wasn't going her boyfriend that she had slept with someone else, especially when that person was her boss and not exactly Shane's favourite person. In the end Claire decided not to reply to Myrnins comment and instead just said "Bye Myrnin" and with that she walked out of his room and left, unfortunately the guilt followed her on her long walk back home.

When Claire got back she didn't enter the house the normal way, instead she went in the same way she exited, through her bedroom window. After she crept into her room she got changed into clean clothes and snuck out to the bathroom, luckily no one was around so she was in no danger of getting caught. That was until she left the bathroom and walked straight into Eve.

"Claire!" Eve exclaimed and hugged her "Where the hell have you been? I was so worried about you; don't you ever check your phone? I tried calling but no answer and did you get my texts?" Claire was amazed Eve could talk for that long without taking a breath.

"I just went out, I came back later but everyone was already asleep" Claire lied.

Eve gave her a look which said I'm-not-convinced. "I checked on you this morning and you still wasn't back, where did you go?" she questioned.

"It doesn't matter; I'm back now aren't I?" Claire told Eve trying to stop her from asking anymore questions. "Does Shane know I was gone all night?"

"He went in last night and saw you weren't there so I told him you were probably in the bathroom but he doesn't know you were gone all night." Eve paused for breath "He asked about you this morning so I covered up for you, I said you were still asleep and not to disturb you."

"Thanks" was all Claire replied with.

"Well?" Eve demanded.

Claire was distracted at this point and she wasn't really focused on her best friend "Well what?" she asked.

Eve grabbed Claire by the shoulders "Claire pay attention, listen to me! Where were you last night?"

"Can we talk about this later, please?"

"No, we're talking about this now"

Claire checked the time on her watch, 9:15am "I have classes at ten, I'll talk to you tonight" and before Eve could get another word in, Claire rushed down the stairs before she could run into another one of her friends.

She only had one class but she didn't want to face Eve and her questions so instead of going home, she wasted her time at common grounds. Luckily it was Eve's day off.

"Mocha please" she said to the person behind the counter. He was new and he clearly hadn't got a lot of experience because there were a line of angry looking people waiting for their drinks. She couldn't see Oliver anywhere, he was probably in the back room where he always seemed to be recently.

As soon as she got her drink she went to find a seat. It was quite busy but she was lucky enough to find a seat at the back in the corner, out of the way from everyone. She sat quietly sipping her drink whilst thinking about what she should do. She knew it was wrong but she loved Myrnin and Shane. She didn't know what too do.

Once Claire had finished her drink she slowly got up out of her seat, she was reluctant to find out her fate with Eve at the Glass house. She was trying to go as slow as she could but that was impossible with how busy common grounds got.

"Bitch, move out the seat" the unforgettable tone of Monica Morrell rang in Claire's ears. "Hello? Did you hear me?"

"Yea I heard you Monica, you're shouting so loud the whole country can hear you" Claire locked eyes with her. "I'm moving"

Claire opened the doors to common grounds and stepped outside into the cool air and slowly started her journey back home, ready to face Eve and everyone else.

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