Bit 6 Chapter Six: Can We Forgive and Forget?

Claire's POV

Claire couldn't think straight. When she got back home she avoided everyone, she had no idea where all these feelings came from all of a sudden. Before she rarely thought about her boss and never gave him a second thought but now. Now, he was all she could think of.

It was her turn to cook tonight so that meant she couldn't hide away in the comfort of her room. She was making tacos since everyone seemed to like them. They all sat down at the table, tacos on their plates and began to eat. No one spoke, Claire tried her hardest to keep her mouth shut.

It was Eve who spoke up first "These tacos are great Claire" she said it to break the silence but it didn't help, Claire just nodded in agreement and silence took over again.

When they all finished Claire took their plates into the kitchen to wash up, Shane had followed her into the room and had shut the door behind him.

"Hey" He said.

"Err.. Hi" Claire uncomfortably replied.

"Listen, I've been thinking" Shane took a step closer to her now "I was wrong Claire, I shouldn't stop you from being friends with other people, I shouldn't stop you from going to work and you definitely shouldn't lose your job because of me. I've been really stupid and selfish and I know, I get too protective but it's only because I love you Claire and I don't want to lose you, ever"

Wow, she didn't expect that. By 'other people' he meant Myrnin of course. She had now dried her hands off from washing up and was facing Shane, in the next moment she was in his arms crying, the guilt came flooding through her instantly.

"Shane, I love you too' She did love Shane but now, she liked Myrnin too. No one must find out about that. The closer she kept it to herself the better. No one must know she told herself, they can't find out.

"Hey, hey" Shane said stroking her hair, holding her tight. He kissed the top of her head lightly "Don't cry" she tried not to but she couldn't help it, the tears just kept streaming down her face.

This can't be happening she thought, not now. Things just became ten times harder for Claire. After all the protest that nothing was going between her and her boss, that nothing was going to happen and now, she wasn't sure she could keep her promise to Michael.

"I just don't like it when we argue" she said, that was only half the reason why she was crying.

"Neither do I" Shane replied "I should of trusted you but I didn't and I'm a total asshole for ever doubting you Claire"

But he wasn't an asshole, she was. She went behind his back by kissing Myrnin and the worst part, she enjoyed it.

"I'm tired Shane, I'm going to go and rest for a bit upstairs" She said before pushing herself away from her boyfriend and heading out the door.

Before she could get to the stairs, Shane called after her "want me to join you?" he inquired.

As much as she wanted to say yes, she didn't want him to be so close to her when the guilt was almost pushing the words out of her mouth, I kissed Myrnin, she wanted to tell him everything but he just started to trust her again. "Maybe later"

Claire went upstairs to her room, sat on her bed and started to cry all over again. She needed to get away but she couldn't go through the front door because that would gain questions and she didn't want to make excuses and lie to her friends so she quietly closed her bedroom door, got dressed into something a bit warmer - she didn't think a short sleeved top would be appropriate for the chill that was ready to greet her outside - and just before she left she placed a pillow underneath her bed in an attempt to make it look like she was still asleep, not very convincing but it'll have to do for now. Claire opened up her window, which looked out onto the back garden of their house and started to climb down the tree that stood right next to her window.

Once she made it down to the bottom she started walking, she had no idea where she was going just that she needed to go anywhere. Once she got a few blocks away from home she decided to pay Myrnin a visit, she needed to talk to him.


"Claire?" Myrnin said as she entered his lab "What are you doing here?"

She was planning on tell him about Shane but when she saw Myrnin she didn't know how to start to explain everything, so she just said "I don't know" lame answer but she was at a loss for words.

"Claire, dear, go home, you don't need to be here at this time" Myrnin told her. She didn't know why he wanted her to leave.

"B-But" She started. Tears were threatening her eyes again.

"Claire. Please. Just go" He sounded more demanding now.

"No Myrnin, I didn't come all this way for you to tell me to go away"

"You are really stubborn, you know that? Myrnin said with a smile, he seemed to have calmed down a bit.

"What?" Claire asked in confusion.

"You don't give up easily. Once you know what you want, you get it what ever the cost and you always put others before yourself. Something I could never do Claire, not until I met you." Myrnin was sweet. Unpredictable but sweet and now tears were steaming down Claire's face. "I deeply apologize Claire, I did not mean to make you cry"

Claire simply just said "I'm not crying because of that"

"Then, why are you crying?" Myrnin looked puzzled.

She was stuck for words "Umm.. well" she said in between tears "I'm crying because of, umm.." In the end she just gave up and sat down on the closest thing she could find, which was one of Myrnin's lab tables.

Myrnin came over to stand in front of Claire and he placed his hands on either side of her bringing his face down, close to hers. "Claire I know yo-" he started to say but she cut him off. She couldn't help it and she kissed him again. He had this thing about him that drew her in, everything about him from his crazy dress sense to the way he cares about her and those around him, even his mad side was just, beautiful.

Myrnin was kissing her back and in that moment everything was perfect. It felt like neither of them wanted to stop but Claire finally came up for air.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" Myrnin asked.

"No" Claire answered and she started kissing him again. She didn't know what she was thinking but she wanted his hands over her body.

They were still kissing as Myrnin guided her too another room. There wasn't much in there just a bed, a bedside table and a lamp placed on top. She soon realised this was his bedroom. She didn't think this room was used much because he didn't need to sleep, being a vampire.

He led her to the bed and carefully placed her down on top of it. Claire started to unbutton his shirt but he stopped her "Is this want you want Claire?" Myrnin asked.

"Yes" Claire said, continuing to unbutton his shirt. She kissed him lightly "I want this"

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