Bit 5 Chapter Five: Second Thoughts

Claire's POV

Claire couldn't sleep again, Shane wasn't next to her so she lay in her bed on her own, enveloped in the blanket of darkness that filled all around her room. He could hardly look at her yesterday, he had been very icy with her recently and she started to feel nervous around him. He did a good job of making it awkward between the two of them.

It was around 4:00 in the morning so Claire just lay in bed, thinking about everything: Myrnin and Shane and what she should do. She had to go to work today, she contemplated not going but then decided she was going to go because she wasn't going to lose her job because of a jealous boyfriend.

She waited until the clock turned to 6:00am and got up for a shower before getting dressed, today she decided to wear her jeans and a top that Eve brought her with the saying 'Bite Me' on it. It was maybe a bit dangerous to wear it in front of Myrnin but she couldn't care about that. Once she was ready she made herself a coffee and toast and sat down to eat her breakfast.

When she finished, she washed her stuff up and left for an eventful day at work. She rarely see's her housemates in the morning because she was an early riser and they didn't wake up until half the day had disappeared, apart from Michael, she didn't know where he was this morning.

As she walked to Myrnin's lab she passed the Day house and saw that Grandma Day was sitting on the porch. "Good morning Grandma!" Claire shouted.

"Hello Claire" she responded "You going to Myrnins?"

"Yes" Claire answered "I have to, I work for him"

"You just be careful, I don't trust him" Claire didn't see Grandma Day that often now but whenever she did, Grandma Day looked out for her.

"I will, don't worry" Claire said before entering the alley leading to Myrnins lab.

She walked down the stairs and found Myrnin feeding his pet spider, Bob. He had grown to a very large size now and he didn't look like he was going to stop. "Hi Claire" Myrnin said, not looking up from Bobs tank, of course because of him being a vampire and having super senses he already heard her come in.

"Hi Myrnin" Claire didn't feel like doing much today, she didn't even feel like cleaning whereas normally she wouldn't mind it.

"First you're going to have to clean because the place has become quite untidy and then you can help me"

"Sure thing" Claire said and got to work. She would normally of taken at least an hour to clean but it took twice as long today, she kept on putting things in the wrong place and Myrnin started to notice that something wasn't right.

'Claire dear, are you OK?" He asked, concern laced his voice.

"Yea... I'm fine" But she knew she wasn't, all she could think of was Shane, she felt like she was betraying him by coming here.

"You're not Claire" Myrnin said "You've haven't been for the past couple of times you've been here"

"Things are just hard between me and Shane and we're not close anymore" Claire sighed

"Come here" Myrnin said and opened his arms welcoming her into a hug "I know you don't like me saying it but you can do better than him"

"You're right, I don't like you saying that" Claire said sighing into the hug. "He can do better than me"

"Don't say that" Myrnin breathed. He had her at arms length now but was still holding her "Don't put yourself down like that, you are an amazing person and if Shane can't see that then he doesn't deserve you"

Claire was confused, where was this coming from all of a sudden? Why was he caring so much? She looked in his eyes and she saw something she'd never seen before, passion and affection. He held her gaze for a while and somehow everything seemed right, it made her forget all about Shane. "Myrnin" She whispered.

"Shh" He replied. A strand of her hair fell down in front of her face just then and he gently pushed it back behind her ear right before he leaned in and kissed her. It wasn't like one of Shane's kisses which were warm and sweet, no this kiss was tender and full of longing like he didn't want the moment to end, it felt like a kiss that you would give to someone you wanted but just couldn't have.

She couldn't believe this was happening. He was her boss, her crazy, unpredictable, mad scientist boss. Myrnin, she was kissing Myrnin! She knew it wasn't right, she had a boyfriend and she loved him but she didn't pull away either.

He broke the kiss and pulled back to look into her eyes, she didn't think vampires could blush but she saw a rosy tint build up in his cheeks. "Myrnin! You can't just kiss me, I have a boyfriend!"

"Well, young Claire" He said "Perhaps you shouldn't be kissing me back"

She tried to respond to his comment but she just ended up looking like a fish, opening and closing her mouth. She couldn't deny it, she had kissed back. Something clicked in Claire, something she hadn't realized before, something that until now she never knew existed. She liked Myrnin. Crazy, unpredictable, but somehow perfect, Myrnin.

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