Bit 4 Chapter Four: Communication is key

Myrnin's POV

Since Claire became my assistant, things had been getting better. She had helped me cure the disease that made me crazy and very unpredictable, at least I hadn't killed her like I killed my other assistants. Claire often reminded me of Ada, the way she never gave up on anything and always wanted to do her best at everything, how smart she is and how quick she could learn things. The only difference: Ada was a vampire, turned by me. We had gotten quite close, Ada and I, but one day I couldn't control myself and Ada was weak, I needed blood fast and Ada was easy, so I bit her. I never wanted too but I couldn't help myself so I did what anyone in love would do, it was dangerous but I had to do it, I turned her into a vampire to save her life. There was one slight problem though, I had the disease when I turned her so I passed it on to her, she couldn't be cured, it was too late anyway, she died so I turned her into a machine by using her brain. I took control of Morganville and she became a ghost. She's gone forever now though, Claire shut her down because Ada tried to kill her, she didn't like the attention I was giving Claire. I didn't want to believe it, she was my Ada, my sweet Ada and she couldn't do any harm to anyone but she saw Claire as competition. I really missed Ada, I thought of her every day, she wasn't going to leave me, ever.

My lab was a mess, I could never be bothered to tidy it so Claire did. She came round yesterday on her day off, I hadn't desperately needed her to come over, it could of waited until today but I wanted to see her. I knew I shouldn't of called her round here, she had to spend time with her friends but I liked her company. There wasn't much for her to do today, she'd clean up because she hates it when I leave the lab in a mess but apart from that there was nothing to do.

I heard the door open and a loud voice shout "Hello!"

"Good morning young Claire" I replied.

"Well, the lab is a mess as always, I tidy this place every time I come and you never keep it clean"

"I'm too busy to clean Claire and you always do a good job in tidying my lab for me"

"Too right! And you're just lazy"

"Correct, I am" I agreed with her "Which is why you're cleaning today and once you're done you may go home"

"Great!" she said and started to clean.

She liked to listen to music while she cleaned, she listened through her earphones but she also enjoyed to sing. She was a good singer so I've never complained, I've always liked her voice.

Just as she put the last book on the shelf she turned to me and said "Myrnin" she seemed hesitant.

"Yes dear Claire"

"I'm going to have to stop spending so long here"

This got my attention "why is that?"

"I've just been spending too long here that's all, I need to spend time at home too" She didn't look certain that it was the whole answer.

"Is that the only reason Claire?" I took one step closer "you don't seem all that sure"

"I'm sure" She wasn't, I could tell, her heart rate had shot up. She was moving uncomfortably now.

She knew I could tell something was up, she read my eyes just like I read hers, "No" I said "no, you're not Claire, I can read you like a book and somethings up"

"Myrnin there's nothing up" she tried to leave but I got to the door before her.

"Claire, I'm not letting you go until you tell me" I cared for Claire, more than I should do, and I couldn't stand to see her upset, something was troubling her and I needed to know what.

She gave in and told me, "me and Shane had an argument, that's all"

"What?" I didn't like Shane much and he didn't like me either, "what about?" I asked.

Claire sighed "About me spending too much time round here"

"This is your job Claire" I said "nothing gets done if you only spend a couple of hours here"

"I know and I've tried to tell him that but he doesn't listen"

"Well I'm sorry Claire but I can't cut the hours short just because of Shane, you will continue to be here at the times I want you here"

"Myrnin please, just one or two hours won't hurt, I do have a life outside this lab"

"I'm sorry but it's not possible, you need to tell Shane that a job is a job whether he likes it or not"

She didn't reply to that. She hesitated but then she just walked out the door, without saying good-bye.

Michael's POV

Things were getting tough at home, Shane was slowly losing it. I couldn't deal with his constant paranoia of Claire and Myrnin, it was driving me insane! I was at the Glass House, in the living room with Shane, listening to yet another reason why he couldn't trust Myrnin.

"I see the way he looks at her" Shane said "That look he has in his eyes"

"Yeah, that's called Madness" I replied "The only thing you need to be worried about when it concerns Myrnin is his choice in pets, that spider of his is getting kind of big" I said, trying to calm him down.

"I don't care about his stupid spider!" He snapped.

"Okay I get it dude, no need to shout" I told him "look, if it's bothering you that much just go and talk to her!"

"I can't just talk to her"

I really wasn't in the mood to listen to his bullshit "she's your girlfriend of course you can!"


I walked out the room at that point leaving him with only his game controller as company, he obviously didn't want to sort the situation out if he couldn't just talk to her. I entered the kitchen where Eve was, glowing in the light of the sun, she was looking like her usual gothy self today but she had her hair up in a tight pony tail instead of down.

"Hey baby" I said making myself a coffee, I needed one after being with Shane for an hour "how's it going?"

"Hi, good thanks what about you?"

I closed the kitchen door to avoid Shane over hearing our conversation "Not so good" I said "Shane and Claire need to sort this thing out about Myrnin. Shane's convinced there's something going on and it's driving me mad!"

"Me too, Shane needs to cool it. He's paranoid, I swear" Eve said.

"He needs to lay off Claire, he's driving her away"

"I'm not so sure this is just about Claire and Myrnin" Eve told me "What if he's been acting so on edge about things because he's the one hiding something"

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