Bit 3 Chapter Three: Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep

Claire's POV

Claire couldn't move, she was stuck, frozen there with tears threatening her eyes. She knew Eve and Michael was watching her but she couldn't do anything about it. She didn't want to talk to them but she couldn't just walk away.

"Claire, honey" Eve said "If you want to talk to me"

"No" Claire said, wiping away the tears that crawled down her face "I'm okay, don't worry, just leave me alone please" she went upstairs to her room, got dressed and got into bed, she didn't want to say another word to anyone.

Once in bed Claire couldn't sleep, she just lay there staring at the ceiling, thoughts racing around her head. She knew Shane got jealous over the time she spent with Myrnin but he's never gotten that mad before. Nothing was going on between Claire and her boss but how ever many times she tried to tell Shane, he didn't listen and judging by what just happened he never will. There was a knock at her door just then so she got up and opened it. It was Michael.

"Hey" he said, softly "can I come in?"

"Sure" Claire sighed "whatever" she walked back into her room and got into her bed again, Michael followed her in and sat on the end of her bed.

He sat there for a while in silence just watching her. She didn't mind though, the less talking the better she thought. She finally sat up, her eyes were bright red from all the crying she did and she was sniffling a lot. She bet she looked a mess.

"Hey" Claire tried to smile.

"Hi" was all Michael replied. The two of them sat in silence again. There was nothing to say to fill the empty gaps.

Finally Claire said "Why is love so complicated?"

"I don't know, but if somethings worth while its never easy"

"You're a guy"

Michael laughed "Last time I checked, yeah"

"Tell me, what makes a guy jealous, why can't a girl have a friend who's a guy while in a relationship?" both reasonable questions.

"Well" Michael started "girls are allowed guy friends but we get jealous when you get too close to that friend"

"I promise you there is nothing going on between us" she told him "He's my boss Michael"

"You're forgetting that he was just Ada's boss once too, I don't think Shane's forgot that and I think that's why he thinks there's something between you and Myrnin" He had a point "Look, talk to him in the morning, he'd of calmed down by then" and that was that, Michael got up, walked to the door, said good-night and left. Leaving her with her thoughts again.

Eve's POV

I hated to see Claire upset, she was like a little sister to me. Shane was an idiot, I never will understand the male species. Michael and I agreed to go and speak to each of them separately, Michael will talk to Claire and I will talk to Shane.

I walked up to his door and knocked lightly. I was weary of what mood he was in, there was no answer so I walked in. He wasn't asleep, he was just sitting there staring into space.

"Hey" I said "can I come in?"

"If you want too" He replied "You're going to either way whether I say yes or no so I don't know why you asked" That was true, even if he told me to go away I wouldn't.


"Don't bother Eve, I know why you're here" He said "You're going to tell me that I was wrong to speak to Claire like that and that she has to go to Myrnin's because she works for him and then you're going to try to change my mind about the whole Claire/Myrnin situation" Crap, this was going to be harder than I thought.

"Just hear me out?" I asked "Before you start a rant, listen to me"

"Go on then, I'll listen but I won't say I'll agree with anything you tell me"

"You are so stubborn Shane, can't you see how much Claire loves you?"

"I love her too, more than anything, I just can't stand to see her so close to Myrnin that's all, she was mean't to spend today with me, she had the whole day off to spend with me and as soon as he calls she drops everything to go and see him, I haven't seen her for a whole day in ages, I'm lucky to even get five minutes with her and it's just getting too me that's all"

"I understand, I really do but please just talk to Claire, sort it out? Tell her how you feel instead of shouting it at her" I told him.

"That's if I get enough time to talk to her"

"You will, just sit down with her and talk. Promise me you will?"

"Promise" He said.

"Good" I got up and went to walk out of his door "See you tomorrow, good night" I smiled at him.

"Night" He said and I was out of his room and walking downstairs to hear Michael playing his guitar.

"How did it go?" He asked me.

"Better than expected" I replied "He didn't want to speak at first but it was fine in the end"

"Good, Claire was alright too, I told her to talk to Shane about it all tomorrow"

"Lets hope everything works out between them"

"I really hope it does" Michael told me.

I sat listening to him playing his guitar for a while until I fell asleep to the soft, hypnotic melody.

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