Bit 2 Chapter Two: Slowly Losing It

Claire's POV

Claire got to the lab and walked down the stairs "Myrnin! I'm here, what did you want me for?" she shouted. As she got to the bottom of the stairs she saw Myrnin sitting in his chair in the corner, reading a book. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt - buttoned half way, the bottom half buttoned - black jeans and his vampire bunny slippers, on anyone else it would look weird but on Myrnin it looked... right.

"Ahh, Claire you're finally here" He said as he marked his page and put down his book.

"What do you mean, Finally here? I was ten minutes like I said"

"Eleven minutes to be exact" Myrnin argued. Claire sighed and put her bag down.

"What did you call me here for Myrnin?" Claire was getting impatient.

"Well you see I tried to do an experiment and it failed so I need you to clean the mess up and start the experiment again with me, it'll be better with the two of us"

"Is that all! I had to miss my day off too clean!" Claire was beginning to lose her temper with Myrnin now.

"Yes, now I suggest you get to work, we'll be here all day if you don't" That was the only thing Myrnin said before laying one of his tables out with equipment while Claire got to work cleaning the mess Myrnin left her.

After Claire cleaned up Myrnin was ready to start their experiment. "Myrnin, what are we suppose to be doing in this experiment exactly?" She inquired.

"Amelie asked me to try and find a way to protect vampires from the sun, I don't know how but I told her I'd try" He answered. Myrnin and Claire started the experiment.

By the time they finished it was late. "I've got to go Myrnin, its going to get dark soon"

Myrnin looked disappointed. "Very well Claire. I will see you tomorrow, Good-bye"

"See you tomorrow, bye!" Claire called from the stairs as she was leaving.

Shane's POV

"Where is she? She should be here, she should be home" I said, pacing back and forth in the hallway.

"Shane come and sit down, I'll call her" Eve said, her voice on the verge of shaking with fear that I was going to flip.

"Come on bro, calm down she probably didn't realize the time" Michael added, he was standing in front of Eve to protect her, scared I was going to lash out any second.

"Don't bro me. Damn it Michael how could she not realize the time" I was getting more and more pissed off by the second.

"Shane, please" Eve said. Just then the front door opened and Claire stepped though.

"Hi everyone, sorry I'm so late, I got caught up at Myr-" I didn't let her finish, I was too angry.

I saw red. "Late? Late! You were gone all day and you call that late! What took you so long?" I wasn't thinking to what I was saying.

"I had to help Myrnin clean up and then he-" Claire tried to explain but I wasn't listening.

"How can it take all day to clean something up? It takes a few hours, not even that!" I don't know why but I had a strong feeling she was lying but I love Claire, I should trust her. I do trust her, it's Myrnin I don't trust but Claire was the person I let my anger out on.

"Shane, I-" She couldn't finish her sentences, I wasn't going to let her.

"I don't want to hear it Claire because all I hear are lies, you need to stop going to see that vampire creep. I don't want you anywhere near him"

"He's my boss!" Claire started to shout now. "Shane.. I love you, nobody else but you"

"So why have you been spending all your free time with him! I haven't seen you in three days Claire, three days, and you haven't even bothered to make the effort to see me!"

"If you're that bothered by me having a job Shane and you wanted to be with me, why didn't you make the effort to see me, you could have come to my room whenever you wanted. I don't have to be the one to make the first move every time, maybe you should try once in a while!" I could see pain in her eyes which were starting to water. I completely forgot that Michael and Eve were still in the doorway watching us argue.

"I don't want to hear it and I'm pretty sure our friends don't either" I walked over to her and lowered my voice "If you don't stop seeing Myrnin, I won't be able to do this any more Claire. I'm not sure there can be an 'us' anymore" I walked upstairs leaving Claire standing in the middle of the hall, I couldn't look back at her. I went to my room and closed the door, I wasn't in the mood for talking to anyone any more, my whole world was slowly crashing down around me.

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