Bit 1 Chapter One: Fraying at the Edges

Claire's POV.

Claire woke to the sound of her alarm, it was 6:00am and she didn't want to get up. She rolled over so see Shane still fast asleep looking like an angel, she lightly kissed his forehead and got up to go for a shower. Her alarm must of woke up Eve because five minutes later she heard a knock at the bathroom door.

"Claire hurry up in there, this girls got to pee!" Eve shouted from the other side of the door.

"Five minutes! Give me five minutes and I'll be out'

"I'm counting!"

After Claire was done she left the bathroom for Eve and went downstairs. She made herself some toast and coffee and sat down to watch tv for a bit - she had time to waste.

Just before she finished her breakfast, her phone went off; she'd received a text from her crazy vampire boss, Myrnin.

It read:

'Get to the lab now! It's urgent!

-Myrnin x'

She replied back:

'Be there in 10 minutes, I'm not even suppose to be in the lab today.

-Claire x'

She finished off her toast and coffee and went upstairs to brush her teeth and pack her bag before leaving; she always carried a stake when going to Myrnin's, he was very... Unpredictable.

She left a note saying where she was and that she didn't know what time she would be back just before leaving, closing the front door quietly behind her.

Shane's POV

It was about 8.00am when I woke up, Claire was already awake as usual and I was all on my own in her double bed. Today is going to be a good day, I can tell; no ones at work, no ones got to go out, we can all just stay at home together, watch TV and act like a family, of course me and Eve are brother and sister. Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind Eve being my sister.

I got up and went to my own room to get dressed. I was coming downstairs when I was hit by a noise that sounded like someone strangling a cat, it was Eve. She needed singing lessons or something, she needs to shut up that's for sure. "Good morning" I said to her when I entered the kitchen. "I'll have some coffee please"

"I'm not your servant Shane, make it yourself!" Typical Eve. I made myself a cup of coffee and I also did Eve one to be nice.

"Claire in the bathroom?" I asked.

"No, shes gone out, she left a note" Eve answered. Claire shouldn't have gone out anywhere, none of us needed to leave the house, why didn't she wake me up to say bye, where had she gone all of a sudden?

Eve handed me the note Claire had left:

Hey guys, I've gone out; Myrnin needed me at the lab.

Don't wait up for me, not sure how long I'll be.

Love you all! - Claire.

I should of known she'd leave for Myrnin. She had been spending way to much time there recently and I wasn't convinced it was to do work. I know I get jealous easily but can you blame me? She's been spending more time with Myrnin then she has with me and I'm missing her. I haven't seen her for more than an hour in the past three days. "She wasn't suppose to be at work today, why has she gone to Myrnin's?"

"You know Myrnin, he's probably lost Bob or something, or wants to do an experiment and needs Claire's help, she'll be back soon" Eve tried to reassure me.

I hoped. "What about Mikey? Where's he?" Curious to why all our housemates had disappeared.

"He's with Amelie, she called him early and told him to go and see her. I think he said he'd be back before ten"

"Just me and you for now then" I said, still thinking about Claire being with Myrnin when she should be with me.

"I guess so"

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