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Tara's wings spread as she got ready to take off into the sky. One glance behind her back gave her reassurance that Eva was no where in sight. She let her wings flap as it pulled her up higher and higher into the sky. Tara remembered when she use to dream of flying when she was little, before Eva ruined her. She use to think the clouds were soft like cotton and that the birds that flew were lucky to be able to escape from the world Tara use to live in. Instead flying was anything but that dream. The air was cold and no matter how high Tara flew or how far she went she would never be as free as the birds she once longingly wanted to be apart of. Instead she has grown to hate the very thing she has become. 

Tara flew for what seemed like hours, occasionally glancing behind herself in fear that Eva or one of her fellow scientists were behind her ready to take her back to the cells she once lived in. If it wasn't for the constant fear of once again being caught Tara would have settled down somewhere, maybe in the woods. It could have been her and her lost friend Jackson. They could have been free together, living secretly away from Eva and lived their lives full of stories and maybe even happiness. But now happiness seemed like a foreign feeling that Tara forgot even existed.  

8 years ago 

"Jackson, tell me a story, please..." 

Tara couldn't stand the pain her wings were in today. Eva seemed to enjoy torturing her with needles and unknown liquid which caused her wings to spasm with severe tremors. Jackson with a sympathetic smile only nodded his eyes filled with understanding. It was as if Tara's pain was his. 

"Well Once Upon a time..." 

Jackson's voice had a calming effect on both Tara and the others around her. When ever a story was told the prison they were forced to live in seemed a little less hopeless and a little more like home. Focusing on the story of a girl's love for some boy Tara could feel the pain in her wings subsiding. Jackson's voice lulled her to a sleep full of girls who found love and a smile on her face. Tara, even in the small prison, felt a small swell of happiness as Jackson told her story after story to her. Pain long forgotten. 

Present day 

Tara's wings ached as she kept pushing herself to go further in fear that Eva could catch her at any moment. How she longed to hear one of Jackson's stories so she could loose herself in that instead of focusing on the pain. Biting her lip Tara kept pushing trying to tear her thoughts from Jackson. He was long gone, no need to dwell on him or the past. Tara needed to focus solely on surviving. 

Birds flew next to Tara, she longed for them to disappear, they only reminded her of broken lives and stupid childhood dreams. Her body strained from so much flight, Tara readied herself to land. She stubbornly wished she could do farther but her body has called quits, either land or pass out mid-flight were her only choices. Looking behind her for what seemed like the thousandth time that day, Tara let out a sigh of relief when there was no sign of Eva anywhere. 

Tara landed softly on what looked like an abandoned building, with another glance around her, Tara walked to the corner of the roof and sat down, letting her body rest.   

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