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Madison Sparks

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Bit 1

Tara stares down at the people rushing about their daily lives with the kind of nostalgia that comes from remembering a dream. Not necessarily a good or bad dream, more so one you can't quite figure out whether it was really happened or not.

Humans, always rushing about their daily lives as if it really matters where they're going. 

She sits perched, high above in the branches of an old oak. Her wings balance her against the steady swaying, half unfurled from her back. At 24, it'd been almost a year since she escaped the clutches of Dr. Bronkovich, but the nightmares never end. It feels like yesterday she was on her way home when they grabbed her off the street.

9 years earlier

Tara walked briskly down the street, pulling her jacket tighter around her to ward off the harsh wind. She was already late, her boyfriend had kept her past curfew again and this time her parents weren't just gonna let it go like before. 

Ducking her head, Tara stared at her feet while she walked, watching the little wet drops hit the pavement as it started to rain. Great, as if it couldn't already get any worse.

Before she knew it, the rain was so heavy she never heard the van pull up behind her. Assumed the roll of the door opening was thunder in the background. Then, just as she turned to look over her shoulder, someone grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth with a cloth covered in some foul-smelling chemical. Everything started going fuzzy, and no matter how hard she fought to stay awake, the chloroform quickly pulled her into darkness. 


When Tara wakes up, she's strapped to a metal table, arms splayed wide and a thin blanket the only thing covering her nude body. 

Where am I? What's going on?

A tall blonde woman with her hair pulled permanently into a tight bun walks up and smiles down at Tara. 

"Hello Tara, my name is Dr. Eva Bronkovich. Now, I don't want you to panic. You must be very confused and scared, and i just want to assure you that we know exactly what we're doing. You have been specially selected to participate in a cutting edge experiment. An experiment that is going to bring our race, the human Race, light years ahead of natural selection. And you, dear, are right on the forefront." 

Someone calls her name and she turns to face a grey'haired man, probably in his fortied, with a potbelly a goatie. "We're ready to begin when you are."

She nods and turns back to me. "Now, I wish I could say this isn't going to hurt. But, as it turns out, the reorganization of your genetic structure tends to be quite... uncomfortable. Please, try to stay calm and ride it out. Let's do this." Dr. Bronkovich waves her hand, and a man dressed all in white steps forward with a large metal needle. inside the needle swishes a thick green liquid. Tara tries to fight, to pull away from the awful man with the needle, but her bindings are fast and her arm remains still. 

She screams, begs for them not to do this, but they don't listen and soon the green liquid is searing it's way through her veins and straight to her heart. 

The pain only gets worse from there. 

Tara manages to get a peak at a screen before she passes out from the pain. It's a virtual model of her, but not her. Large black feathered wings grow from the models back, and her ears are pulled back into twin points. 3 words are typed below the model. 

Avian/Feline Compatible.

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