Bit 3 Chapter 3 I'm not a fighter


“........She’s stable……….For now….…..” 

 ………………..Beep………….Beep…….…….Beep………………… ­


“Do I have to? Seriously, walking will he­LP!” She yelped as she was pulled up and pushed onto the little pony behind Bofur, due to Thorin full out refusing to allow his nephews to ride with her….or was he keeping them away from her because he still didn’t trust her? Whitney was now on the animal stiffly, holding on to his armor for dear life, making the others laugh. “You’re worse than Bilbo was.” Fili laughed and hopped up onto his own pony, leading her toward them to walk behind them with Kili. Whitney pouted and gripped Bofur a little tighter as the animal moved, the brothers laughing quietly at her reaction.

“Not. Funny.” She muttered, hiding her face in the dwarfs back, not even wanting to look around for fear of falling off. Funnily enough, when sitting, she was the same height as the others, her legs were just slightly longer and her torso smaller, Bofur just laughed quietly as they moved forward. Whitney winced a little as the pony jogged her a little, causing the pain in her rib to act up once again…. ​ It’s doing it on purpose…. She was certain of it! They were heading up the trail to find the cave they thought the Trolls were staying in, because apparently, from what she had heard and picked up from the other talking, they shouldn’t be this far down from the mountain, meaning trouble….​ what have I got myself into?....

“So, what’s the issue with the ponies?” Fili asked, now trotting one side of her, Kili doing the same the other side, Whitney only lifting her head so she could look at them through her hair, before sitting up a little, still holding on a bit tight.

“I got thrown off by a horse when I was little, broke my ankle and couldn’t do anything for a month or so….so I don’t really trust them all that much…” The woman huffed, taking a glance between them before burying her face in Bofur’s shoulder, she really hoped the man….dwarf?.....didn’t mind. Though he was kind, there was a limit to how much you could take before it became a problem for them.

“Not so bad then, we thought you were just being a bit of a...well, girl.” Kili smirked and looked ahead, it wouldn’t be too long before they arrived to the cave, it wouldn’t be too far as the trolls would have had to make their way back quickly before the sun rose and turned them to stone, that turned out well for them. Whitney frowned and looked to Kili, a little insulted but not angry cause, really, she was being a bit of a whim from something that happened to her years ago.

“I AM a girl Kili.” Fili laughed and nodded along, seemed to find her quite funny, unintentionally anyway. “We know that much Whitney...” She turned to see him grinning and felt her cheeks changed to a tinge of red ever so slightly before hiding away again, embarrassed that he was pointing it out to her….with her being the only one there.... “Bofur their picking on me.” She put on a childish voice and pouted lightly, only to earn another laugh from him and also a pat on her head over his shoulder. It was obvious that the men were a lot older than herself, even Kili Fili and Ori had a certain air about them when they spoke, but much closer to her age than the others within the company she was now travelling with….​ Wait...Why am I travelling with them?..... She had just gone with them without a seconds thought, it was as if she needed to go with them….for their sake rather than her own, which was totally and utterly ridiculous because she didn’t know them, at all!

“We are not picking on you my lady, perish the thought!” Kili butted in, sporting the same grin as his brother, which also made her cheeks heat a little. “We are simply making conversation with you. Just because you can’t help our dwarven charms


Geez! This place stinks! ​ Whitney gagged as they stopped at the caves entrance, Bilbo’s nose wrinkled at the smell too though was faring better than the human female...though he didn’t blame her reaction, she didn’t sign anything to go through this hell, she hadn’t been given the chance. He looked around to see Gandalf butting heads with Oakenshield once again about going to the elves, he didn’t understand why he was still holding onto this...they weren’t even the same elves that refused to help his people! Of course he wouldn’t voice his opinion, he was already on thin ice with Thorin, telling the leader of the group he was being ridiculous would just make everything a lot worse. Whitney sat outside the cave, back to the cave and looking around the forest area, unzipping her leather jacket, leaning back on her hands and appreciating the view, it really was beautiful sight, nothing quite like it really. It was like the fantasy paintings you would go look at.

She slipped her bag and coat off, she wore a walking dead t­-shirt, the design had white angel wings on the back of her black top, was thinner and better to breath in. Opening up her bag to discard the coat, she spotted her phone inside right at the bottom, ​ it could work?....ok being ridiculously hopefully doesn’t always fail…..just most of the time. ​ Lifting it out and placing her coat in, she pressed the home button and watched the cracked screen light up faintly...​ maybe it’s possible I’ve just been abducted by some nerds who haven’t been on their meds for a wh­......never mind….. ​ She huffed to see there was no signal on her phone and threw it away from her, ​ peice of shit…. ​ She was not going to be that irrational girl who thought she was somewhere … ‘else’ ….wherever that was...​ middle earth apparently….

“Are you ok?” A voice asked behind her, making her flinch a little and turned on the bolder she was sat on, Fili looking over her concerned, her own expression frustrated and sad. Whitney shook her head and pulled her knees up to her chest, chin on her arms that laid across them, glancing up at him for a second.

“I don’t know anymore….I just feel so confused, like a dull pain in her stomach and at the back of my head….I miss…..” She sighed and turned her head away, feeling the sting in her eyes, if she had never left her flat that night she would have been fine….She heard Fili move and sat down next to her, nudging her shoulder with his own, making her look up at him from her bent position.

“I get it, you miss your home, so do we…” he offered and gave her a slight smile, not the teasing and cheeky smirk he was parading around with before, which was rather comforting. “Even though I have never actually set foot there, it’s where I am meant to be, same with Kili and Ori….we just need to get there.” He laughed, though it sounded a little less characteristic. Whitney felt bad for acting the way she did, obviously not understanding the full extent of the situation for the group. “Anyway!” The blonde dwarf now beamed and reached around himself, bringing a sword in its sheath attached to a belt. After a second of her just looking at it in just downright refusal, Fili took her wrist lightly and got her to take it from him. “It will be easier to travel knowing that we don’t have to watch you on the way all the time….that is if you know how to­”

“No, I don’t know how to fight so this will be useless to me….” She finished, holding it out for him to take it back, but he didn’t just smirking lightly.

“Well then, it will take a weight off our minds to know you won’t be armed with your toothpick of a dagger and acid cilida hm?” He chuckled and got up, still not taking it back, “better to have one and not need it, than need it and not have it?....It’s nothing special, don’t take it like a proposal or anything.” He winked at her before rejoining the group. Whitney, once again felt her face heat up and scolded herself for it, ​ he wasn’t real…...this is ridiculous your brain can’t trick you into this sort of thing….anyway she had….. No... ​ no she didn’t have anyone anymore. It was then that the group heard a noise from the forest around them, Whitney

jumping from her bolder and making her way very quickly back to the comfort of the large group of men, all brandishing their weapons and looking around in defence, ready for anything. The branches and trees cracked from the side, Whitney’s hand now happily laying on top of the swords handle, secretly finding comfort in the object as well...Though she wouldn’t openly admit that to Fili, knowing he would only bring it up again. Bursting through the area, everyone ready to strike they onslaught of­!.....rabbits? Whitney had to smirk at that and leant against a tree, watch as everyone also clocked it and felt as stupid as she did, ​ freaking rabbits, yeah they are huge but really? ​ She only just noticed they were all harnessed and were pulling a man along….did he have bird crap in his hair?

“I had a thought, on the tip of my tongue!” He exclaimed, talking to Gandalf, “Oh no it was…” he opened his mouth and Whitney almost gagged when the grey wizard pulled a stick insect from his brown clothed companion. ​ Ugh! That was nasty! She thought, looping the belt with the sword into her trousers, she wouldn’t have to hold it now she guessed. Kili was stood one side of Fili, both chuckling a little at their reaction to sudden appearance of Radagast, who was next to Dwalin….who was glaring at Whitney….He liked her about as much as Thorin did…..not very much at all, ​ Men. The group kept an eye out but listened out to what Radagast was saying, something about the wood dying and nothing good growing, and giant spiders... ​Nope…..Better not see any spiders or I might as well just shoot myself quite nicely in the head now, thank you very much!​ She thought to herself, moving toward the Rhosgobel rabbits as the wizard had said. They were adorable.​ Something nice for once….well apart from­ Stop it! Ugh, she wasn’t some hormonal teenager who was crushing hard on…, she refused! Kneeling down, she reached out slowly, letting the huge rabbit smell her before laying on its head, its ears wiggled a little and leaned into her scratching a little. She liked animals, cute fluffy animals anyway….the horse or pony can go away...ok maybe not that bad, it hadn’t bucked her off yet.

“Who is this?” Asked Radagast, causing Whitney to look up, the rabbit almost in her lap now, but too big to actually sit happily in her lap.

“This is Ms Whitney, we...or should I say, she found the company yesterday while I was away....” Gandalf answered for her as she stood slowly, offering her hand to Radagast, he looked a little puzzled before only taking her finger tips and shaking them very slightly before retracting his hand quickly, he probably did see people very often...due to his current attire and hygiene levels?

“She will be helping us on our quest… what else can you tell me?” He got straight back to the point, it seemed very important whatever it was, Whitney went to go back to the rabbit but a howl cut the silence, everyone again on edge.

“Was that a wolf, are there wolves out here?” Bilbo asked nervously, Whitney once again went for her sword as everyone else did.

“No, that’s not a wolf.” Why did Bofur’s tone put her in more of a panic than it should? ​ What the hell was it then​ Looking up, it was bloody terrifying! “Dori move!” She cried out, he looked around and saw the beast running at him. Hes’s not gunna get out the way in time! ​ Whitney squealed inwardly and shoved the man to the side as the ‘not wolf’ leapt, knocking her back. Its teeth snapping at her but slightly out of reach and her feet were stretched out against its neck, every second that passed the pain in her side increased. But after a moment of struggling, felt longer than a fucking moment…. ​ The animal stilled and was kicked to the side, never had her heart felt faster and made her feel like she was going to pass out again. Looking up, not expecting to see Thorin panting in anger at the ‘not wolf’, he glanced at her as another one of those things fell with a thud as an arrow impaled its eye. “Warg scouts. Which means an orc pack is not far behind.” Thorin growled, looking down to Whitney, his expression confused and frustrated before glancing back to Gandalf, Dori helping up the woman carefully. She thanked him with a nod and he patted her back firmly as voices were raised. “Orc pack?” Bilbo gulped, ​ Well at least I’m not the only one confused…. “Who else did you tell about your quest, beyond your kin?” Gandalf demanded, Thorin shaking his head. “No one.” “Who did you tell?!” Gandalf repeated and look a few steps, which the dwarf matched.

“No one I swear….What in Durins name is going on?” Thorin defended with a snap.

“You are being hunted.” Gandalf grimaced at the thought and Dwalin started to make his way to where the ponies had been.

“We have to get out of here!” He called, but Ori stopped him as he went.

“We can’t, the ponies have bolted!” The man sounded saddened but also afraid, Whitney would give anything to be on that bloody thing again if they could get away from the orc pack and Worgs…..​ Wargs?.....

“I’ll draw them off!” Radagast said with determination, running back to his sledge and taking the reigns, ready to help.

“These are Gundabag Wargs, they will outrun you!” Gandalf reasoned in a raised voice, if you wouldn’t have know better, you would say he was flustered.

“These are Rhosgobel rabbits….I’d like to see them try.”

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