Bit 2 Chapter 2 ­ Problems and Little Solutions

Oh head!....where the heck​- “The lass is up lads.” called a voice next to her….then she remembered the last thing she could remember, she fell off her bike, she walked in on some weird shit and the was confronted with a Dumbledore wannabe saying she was in some place called ‘middle earth’......she felt her headache subsiding…...but it was still there and made her take it slowly to sit up, eyes still closed. It felt worse than a hangover. She wasn’t able to distinguish how many voices there were around her, but there were a lot of them near or close by. “Here...” Offered someone in front of her, it took her a moment to will her eyes to open, but when she did, the man before was holding out flask to her. Whitney watched it for a moment, wondering what she should be thinking but slowly reached and took the flask from the man who had been originally talking to the trolls…..​ that sentence should sound mad right now? “Thanks….” She croaked, her throat dry, now quite happy to have accepted the drink. “Bilbo Baggins my lady.” He smiled a little, the others watching as they were sat off near the fire, cooking, talking and cleaning their weapons. Gandalf watched the hobbit talk with the disorientated woman which made him flash a very subtle smile to which no one saw. “Bilbo….” She repeated, her mind was rather creative to make up such a name, she took another drink and rubbed her forehead. “Whitney…” she added out of politeness and put out her hand to the small man. Bilbo looked at it for a millisecond before quickly wiping his hand on his pants and reached to meet her hand, shaking it. “Um….I don’t want you to think I’m being rude...but what are you all doing in the middle of the woods?” She asked, looking around, she had never seen such an open and beautiful area, she was use to the countryside but it was unreal. “Well we can answer that sleeping beauty!” pipped in a different man, slumping down next to Bilbo, grinning at her cheekily “We are on a quest to kill a dragon who is held up in Erebor, the Lonely Mountain.” She looked over the man, he had dark

hair, trimmed beard, a strong jaw line and was...well, handsome, though did seem a bit of a charmer….​ shut up Whitney, if you have a damaged brain, stop looking for flaws in perfectly good looking men I’ve dreamt up ​ her brain yelled at her and she smiled back at him, if not still a little confused. “Thats right. That's Kili by the way” Another man added and sat down next to Whitney, she turned her head to look at him, his blonde hair and beard, both with plaits in, his smile cheeky and soft and his eyes caught her off guard. “I’m Fili.” He bowed his head to her, as did his brother…..​ Stop staring Whitney! “Hi…” she was able to mutter, coughing after to make it seem like she had something caught in her throat to disguise the pathetically girly attempt to speak to him. He grinned wider at her and looked towards his uncle who was glaring, not at him or Kili….but the woman and Bilbo…Rolling her shoulder, she realised she could. “Who?­” “Master Dwalin and Gloin did it when you were out cold. What’s this?” Kili asked, holding her helmet, turning it around in his hands to have a better look at it, she couldn’t help but smile at the confusion in Kili’s face, it was just her bike helme­ shit… “Um, that’s just part of my safety gear, so if I fall of my motorcycle then it will potentially save my life, which seems to have…” raising her hand as she spoke, she ran her fingers over the huge dent in the side, then down the crack of the visor, “done something else…” Bilbo looked over the helmet too, it was totally black with the glass like material cracked “Whats a motorcycle?” Kili asked with another confused look, his brother joining in now. “Is it like type of transport like a carriage?” He guessed and looked up at her, it was then both brothers looked up and stood without finding out the answer, Kili putting down the helmet and Fili passing her something he had next to him, it was her backpack they had removed from her when she had fainted. “That’s yours I believe.” Fili offered and winked, make her smile very faintly before both brothers wandered back to the fire, she turned to watch them go only to be faced with a pair of legs in front of her, making her jump involuntary and look up slowly, taking in the fur, armour...weapon strapped to his hip, dark long beard and

hair, braided a little like Fili. His eyes icy and glaring at her green ones, her brain was either testing her or trying to kill her! She went to get up but his hand went to his sword, making Whitney stop, which then stopped him going for the hilt of his sword. She swallowed as he looked to Bilbo who almost withered under the man's gaze. He waved him off, Bilbo giving her one last look, trying to be encouraging but still a little put out. He walked back to the group of horses they went to save from the trolls. “Who, are you and what, are you doing here?” His bassy voice vibrated the air around them, the gaze he was settling on her was not lessening nor did it change when she complied. She cleared her throat and answered slowly, she was struggling to keep in mind that this was just that...all in her mind...wasn’t it? “Whitney...and...I don’t know, I just stumbled into...whatever just happened back there…” “Have you been following us?” He growled, his fists clenching tightly as he accused her, which made her brow furrow, this time actually getting, ignoring that he now had his grip on the weapon on his hip. She was looking down at him slightly, she wasn’t hugely tall herself, but compared to these men, excluding the really tall guy, she felt like a giant. They were all built like shitbrick houses, all muscular and heavier set which is why she was still a little intimidated by the man still watching her like a hawk. “Listen, before Gand….Ganda….What the heck is his name?” She asked, pointing to their wizard, the man followed her gaze before snapping back to look at her, raising an eyebrow at her as if to ask if she was being serious. “Gandalf?” “Yeah him. Before Gandalf told me, I had no clue where I was….still struggling with the whole thought of ‘this’.” She muttered, looking around again, it was like she was there, physically and mentally, but it was something in the back of her mind that bugged her, like a dull painless headache…Turning back to the man, he looked just as confused as she did. She sighed and picked up her backpack and helmet, holding them to her as she continued “It sounds crazy­.” “It is…” he finished, finally letting go of his sword and rubbed his head in frustration, this was going to be just as much of a nuisance ​ he thought and looked back to her,

He had already spoken to his company, a few saying to let her go, others saying to bring her help or a prisoner was to be confirmed. With the events she was saying happened to her, she sounded mad, or a bad liar and was following them to help those who would want to stop them. It was then when Gandalf walked over, placing a hand on her back, making Whitney flinch for a moment. “You have had a bit of a tumble it seems, perhaps some food and rest will clear your mind a little?” He offered, leading her away from the annoyed leader who growled in response quietly, they owed this woman nothing and she was just a burden, just like the hobbit. Gandalf looked back at the dwarf with a frown as Whitney headed off to the fire, Bofur offering the log next to him and giving her a bowl of stew Bombur had prepared. Dwalin was watching her just as the other man had, he didn’t know what to think about her, none of them did. Gandalf sighed and was about to speak when he was hushed. “Don’t wizard...Where did you go off to if I may ask?” “To look ahead…” Gandalf answered matter of factly. “What brought you back?” “Looking behind, still you are all in one piece.” “No thanks to your burglar who almost got us all eaten.” He grunted and went to go back to his spot where he would be sleeping. “Bilbo was smart enough to keep them talking long enough so that none of you did get eaten, even Whitney turning up gave you some more time too… lucky that she may have stumbled in at the right time.” “Almost conveniently so…..” Thorin muttered under his breath, still earning him a scowl from the taller man.



Whitney sat quietly between Bofur, he was very sweet and was actually a bit like her dad...but she would keep that to herself as that would probably freak him out just as much as it did for her thinking about it, and Ori, very polite and quiet. She was slowly

getting use to the flicker of fire before a hand clapped down on her shoulder, making her jump again and look up at an older man with a long white beard and kind eyes, Balin she thought, she was going to have to remember these names. “This way lass.” He motioned and she stood and followed him to a roll set out, she first questioned why she was here before he laughed a little. “It’s for you to sleep on, should get some rest like Gandalf said.” She looked to see another bed roll close by. “Whose is that?” She asked quietly, placing her things down carefully, wincing when bending, she was aching from the crash she guessed, it could have been a lot worse she guessed, she could be dead…..​ Am I dead!? “Oh, that’s Bilbo, hope you don’t mind, he’s only a hobbit, much quieter and neater than us dwarves.” He smiled with a little glint in his eyes, he reminded her of someone...but it just wasn’t clicking. ​ Wait….dwarves and a hobbit...was this like D&D or something? “Thank you Balin, it kind of you.” She gave a soft smile, using a boulder close by to help her get down to the floor, covering her legs with the furs as she slowly felt herself drift off, could you sleep in a dream? ​ Inception much…




Ouch….What the fuc-​ Whitney opened her eyes slowly, the feeling of being kicked in the stomach overwhelmed her and caused her to let out a small and almost inaudible whimper, she had fallen on her side while was really, really early and there was already moment in the camp, she could see Bombur and Bofur, Kili and Thorin, the rest were either asleep or just about to move about. “Are you alright? I can get someone?” A small voice asked beside her, looking back,

she smiled to see Bilbo dressed and crouching next to her but not so close, maybe to make her feel comfortable...or was he nervous around her? Whitney shook her head and pushed herself up onto her feet, hissing as she straightened up, feeling the click in her side, ​ well, that was nice feeling! “I’ll be fine, just need to walk in off I guess…” she shrugged and rolled her shoulders, giving a slightly more pleasant crack rather than the aching one in her side. “I will just refrain from running for long periods of time if I have to.” Bilbo nodded and stood up himself, collecting his stuff and putting it onto his pony. Whitney making her way to the group, pushing her hair out of the way and rubbing the back of her head. “Morning…” she said quietly, getting a few glances, some grunted back a response and then just got on with what they were doing. The woman glanced about before finding a spot she could sit down in by the fire, as she sat, at the same time sat Fili and Kili either side of her. “Hello…” she laughed a little, both men grinning and replying the same at the same time, she could feel the burn of someone's eye on her and she didn’t like it. She went to move but Kili brought her back forward and opened it, pulling out a canister. “What’s this?” He asked, pulling off the lid, about to press down the top, but Whitney covered the top before he did hastily. He looked shocked and back at her. “Um...yeah don’t spray that in your face you’ll go blind.” Kili dropped it quickly and kicked it away from them. “Why the heck have you got something like that?” He asked still looking through her backpack, normally she would have been pissed he was just going through her things, but it was just her mind really, no harm...she thought. “For protection, in case I can’t reach my­” “Ah this is better!” Fili offered, leaning over her and pulling out a pen knife. “All though, it’s very dull, won’t be killing any orcs with that.” He shook his head, handing it back to her. “Orcs?” Her turn to ask the questions, they both looked at her and started to laugh, she felt like they were teasing her but when they realised she wasn’t joking, they both shut up. “Oh um, ugly creature that­”

“That’s enough Kili, no need to overwhelm the girl with more information than she needs, after all, she’s coming too.” Gandalf called back to them, Whitney, Fili and Kili all looked in shock, obviously not listening before when everyone had said to keep her with them. “Are you sure?” Whitney asked, Thorin looked over to her and rolled his eyes, looking away. “Not really much choice, you need to share a pony with­” “Us!” Called Kili and Fili, both grinning at her, oh what fun...She hated horses…. 

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