Bit 1 Chapter 1 ­ Crashed into our lives


A couple of knocks on the bathroom echoed the flat as he leaned his head against it, sighing loud as he knocked again. "....Babe open the door…..Come on Whit, please?” Nothing… “I didn’t mean it….Whit?....damn it Whitney, open the fucking door!” He slammed into the door and looked around...but the window was wide open and the room was trashed. “.....Whit?”


Under a black, mirrored helmet of a motorcyclist, tears poured down the rider's cheeks and painful choking sobs left her mouth. The bag clipped around her

shoulders and waist was incredibly tight, but it kept her focused on the road rather than the thought of turning back. The red 125 was speeding down the duel carriageway, trying to put as much distance between them and the seaside town of Felixstowe. The sky was still dark and the only light sources came from the every so often street lamp and the motorcycle itself. The rider is Whitney Dalentor, or Whit to her friends, a 27 year old woman who at this point in time, has lived a 'normal' life on planet earth, somewhere which can be brilliant.....but also quite painful and dull, or just painful.

The A14 was abandoned late at night, only the occasional car or lorry and so the motorcycle got faster and faster up the road. The woman on the bike quickly made a sharp turn to one of the side roads which was pitch black. Apart from the single high beam of light from Whitney's bike, lighting the road and hedges around her. The shadows kept making her jump and almost veered off the road a few times before getting a hold of herself. The country roads around there were dangerous for drivers, due to all the steep turns and high hedges. So no wonder when the cross roads came up, that Whitney's bike was hit with such a force by a Rolls Royce, it threw both the bike and rider off the road and down the hill into the collection of trees. Tumbling down the rocky hill, the leather jacket and trousers protected the bare skin but the fall was almost bone shattering.


A few hours passed and Whitney slowly came to, sitting up painfully with a groan then falling back down when putting a strain on their right wrist. 'Dislocated......well that could have gone a lot worse.' She thought with a huff and looked around, the bike was missing.

"Fuck me." She mumbled to herself and stood up slowly, balancing herself before she went looking for it, maybe it had rolled a different way to her. Lucky for the cyclist, her bag was still strapped to her back, it was beaten up but still usable and held her stuff well enough. Walking further into the forest, she started to hear voices, 'if they've nicked my bike I swear, I will give them hell.' She grumbled to herself inwardly and got closer, stomping as she went, it was that kind of night already. The light now beginning to get brighter through the foliage of the bushes and trees, she didn’t know there was so much greenery near Felixstowe actually. Pushing through the bushes and ready to scream at the little shits with her bike, but she stopped, her blood ran cold as she looked up at the three.....things standing before her. They were huge and talking, she had no idea what to think about what they were or what they could be, just barely able to breath slowly and not hyperventilate. Turning her head to the side for a second, she saw there were people tied up in sacks and on a spit. I think I need a better helmet, or there is some really freaky shit going on when Whitney's head snapped back to the tall, lardy creatures, now seeing her and staring, she froze on the spot.

"William, what is it?" one asked, tilting its head to the side, watching her curiously. The group were staring at her too with confusion crossing their face.

"It’s all scaly and has a big head, is it dangerous?"

"Well if you keep askin' me questions, I won't know will I Bert?" the second went to grab her but Whitney slapped it away with her gloved hand and stepped away quickly, not wanting the huge thing to get any closer.

"OI! It hit me it did! Little lizard thingy hit me!" it yowled and held its hand pathetically.

"Don't be such a worm, Tom, catch it!" the third called and turned to the only man standing, he was very short, but that could have just been the illusion as he was standing next to the creature.

"And how do you think we should cook this one? Skinit? Pouch it? Eat it raw? It’s not very big." the man or midget, she didn't know what he was, stared at Whitney, looking frightened himself. He gave an apologetic look then back to the filthy creature.

"No no no you can’t eat that, it's um......diseased, in fact they are all infected with parasites," the creature recoiled for a moment, staring at the group intensely

"I wouldn't risk it if I were you." The men laying down were kinda dumb as they exclaimed that they didn't have any, but then silenced, soon explaining that they had thousands. Whitney rolled her eyes and wondered if she had been smoking before walking in on this bizarre scene

"And what do you think we should do? Let ‘em all go?" the man was going to speak but was prodded firmly in the chest. "I know what your game is you burglahobbi thing. And it won't work!" he turned and grabbed the Whitney's foot, who let out a scream, and pulling her towards it.

"I bet it's squishy, but I don't wanna watch myself eat it, I can see me in its eye." She squirmed while hanging upside down and unclipped the helmet quickly so not to choke if it should pull on her helmet, or at least she could take it off herself and use it to throw at it. The group call out in distress, obviously not wanting anyone to be eaten, but not as loudly as she wasn't part of their group. The thing used it’s fat hand to pull off her helmet and instead of removing the head of the thing it held, long raven black hair flowed down and a very pissed off and frightened looking woman stared at the creature.

"PUT ME THE FUCK DOWN NOW!" she screamed, wriggling all over the place and was suddenly dropped, landing hard on her back but crawled away from the three tall......'I wanna say ogres or trolls.' she thought to herself. Quickly scooting backwards until her back was against a tree.

"It had a head....In its head!" screeched the dopiest of the three throwing the helmet away with disgust, like it might grow a body if he should clutch it any longer. The group had silenced and watched in astonishment at the woman, not really sure what they were seeing themselves then a familiar voice attracted the attention of the group with a bellow.

"Dawn take you all and be stone to you!" the tree trolls or whatever they were turned to the old man on the bolder, in a robe with a staff.

"who's that?"

"No idea."

"Can we eat him too?" Those were the last words they would utter as the sun fell upon them, they were frozen in place forever. The group cheered as the old man made his way down to help the men out of the sacks. Whitney sat there panting, 'scary dream.' she thought to herself and pushed herself up off the floor. She watched the men hop out of their sack, they were all short apart from two who might just be her height. She swallowed and stood slowly, trying to tell herself, 'no matter how real it felt, it was still just a dream...a vivid dream........a really vivid dream that is scaring the crap out of me'. She brushed her hair away from her face and looked up. She saw the man who saved her from being eaten alive, and purposely strode over to him, her dark hair was swaying delicately on her back. The man looked up and swallowed, thinking that the woman was angry with him for saying she was diseased. He scanned her face quickly, she had many piercing, one under her lip, a ring in her nose and a spike with another ring in her eyebrow, making her look quite scary herself. He looked up into her golden amber eyes and open his mouth to apologies profusely when all of a suddenly he was softly kissed on the cheek, confusion on his face again, as well as the men who had caught a glimpse of the events. Whitney pulled away a second later and smiling lightly.

"Thanks sweetie, now I am going to wake up and find my bike wrecked to shit after the crash." she removed a glove and pinched the bare skin of the back of her hand.......nothing? "....That normally works." She muttered to herself and moved to collect her helmet that had fallen by the large fire. Some of the group walked over to the hobbit and questioned him, but mostly to tease him on the odd moment.

"Sweetie?" Asked Fili, nudging Bilbo with his elbow with a grin across his face.

"A nickname you're trying out?"

"Seriously, what was that Bilbo? It looked like she was about to throttle you at first, then she does.......that." Kili asked with a cheeky grin.

"I­-I don't know actually I­-" Bilbo's stutters were cut off as Gandalf walked past them and towards the woman who was facing away from them. Whitney scowled at her reflection from the helmet and huffed. She inwardly swore and threw her helmet away from her out of frustration. Gandalf cleared his throat and Whitney turned to face the tall old man.

" hi...." she said awkwardly and rubbed the back of her head. "I know this may sound crazy, but you wouldn't happen to know if I'm dreaming?" she looked up at the old man, he was very, very tall, and this was against herself, the others were just short.

"No my dear, I must say that you are very awake here, and alive might I add." Whitney groaned loudly, removing her backpack and rolling her shoulders then moved her hands to her face, she had a banging headache now and this whole situation was completely ridiculous.

"Who are you and where am I exactly?" She mumbled under her hands looking through her fingers up at the man, not sure if she was anywhere close to Felixstowe or the next town which was Ipswich. The tall man smiled kindly, giving her a short bow with his head, ‘polite company for a change’.

"I am Gandalf the grey and you are in the midst of a forest in middle earth my dear." Whitney lowered her hands, he sounded completely and deadly serious, not like the weird guys who fought in dungeons and dragons and could only get out of the game when you threatened to kill their character.

"Might I know your-­" he didn't get to finish because Whitney slowly fell backwards and lay motionless on her back. She had passed out, too much information, bang to the head, too soon to take that on in her brain.

"Mister Gandalf, what did you do?" asked Dori as the rest collected their things. Those who were done moved over to the unconscious woman, looking over her, still finding her appearance and attire quite strange. Bilbo joined them quickly, seeing if she was alright, but still keeping a little distance as he did not wish to get in the way.

"I believe, she has fainted, master Dori." Gandalf answered simply as he moved forward a little.

"Well, she looks like she’s already been in the wars." Bofur added a knelt down, lifting the woman into his arms carefully, making sure not to hurt her any more than she had been already, she might be taller than them by a head and a little, but she was light so he didn’t find her difficult to carry.

"Now what are we planning to do with that now?" Asked Dwalin who was watching a little way off, Thorin was watching too but grunted in response, he had enough to deal with and dragging this female along with them was just going to cause hassle.

"We cannot take her with us."

"You wish to abandon her in the wood, unaware, alone, and possibly injured? Brother you cannot be serious." Balin scowled and Dwalin looked away, grumbling something about his brother being a stubborn dwarf. Bofur walked with Dori back to the camp, the woman lying in his arms. Kili picked up the backpack and looked at it funny.

"What does 'The North Face' mean?" He traced over the lettering as Fili came up behind him with Whitney's helmet, playing with the visor.

"I don't know, maybe wear she is from? Ask her when she wakes up. In the meantime, look at this." The young dwarf ran his hand over the helmet and it creased in as if it had taken an almighty hit.

"She must have hit her head pretty hard if what ever happened dented this." They pondered for a moment and went to catch up with the rest of the group.

"Anyway, Thorin isn't going to like this." Kili said in a light sing­song kind of way.

"When does he like anything anymore?" The brothers laughed and continued on back to camp. The group would probably question her about why she was alone in the woods, where she was from, her name too, but when she wakes up obviously. It would be kind of pointless talking to someone who can’t talk back.

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