Bit 1 Chapter one: Her

For the first time in while she decided to go out to see the world again, she decided to face humanity and me her own daughter again. She had not left her house for a long time and she would never let anyone in either but one day called me up out of the blue. "So love, I-I-I think I am ready to do... I think I am ready to finally walk in the sun again."

"Are you sure your ready? You haven;t been outside since-" The words stuck in my mouth as though something inside of me was stopping me from talking about him and what happened before every broke apart. "since dad passed away." I could feel something lodge in my throat with ever word that started to come out of my mouth and with every word I could feel it growing.

"I am more sure then I have ever been." This time when she spoke it sounded as though her voice was quivering with sadness, it was as though the words I had said hit her just like this did me. "I want you to come round and be here with me when I step into the sun again." This was one of the best things that I heard and the last bit of good news I ever got was a letter that said I had successfully bought my own house and could finally move in when I was ready too. "I will be round as soon as I can." I put the phone down and ran around my house pick up my car keys, my backpack and just little essentials that I would need while out and just before leaving the house a left a letter on the living room coffee table.

Dear Jamie,
Going round to my mother's she has decided that today she is going to leave the house since she thinks she has got over him passing away. Not sure when I will be back but everything is in for dinner so you can always eat without me if you get hungry. Make sure to get Charlotte from school on time and make sure that she has her sports kit with her.
I love you,
Nora x

Getting in to the car and driving to where my mother lives I got so many memories back of my father and me before he passed away, I always got a long with him better then my mum. I got memories of the times when he would pick me up and put me on his shoulders, when he would sit for hours and help me do my homework no matter how hard it was for me to get it and all the times when he would talk with me and get me through tough times when I thought I couldn't stay strong. It made me angry that such a lovely and supportive man like that had to be taken from this world and leave behind a broken relationship and a secret between me and my mother. As soon as I got close to my mothers house I could see her stood on the side of the street talking to two women I assumed they where her neighbours, to say that we have always been distant its nice to see her so happy and actually enjoying life instead of being cooped in her little house.


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