Welcome to Week 9 Skrawl! Week 9 Skrawl is about state terror and police crime. Make sure to read ALL assigned readings carefully. 'Bit' 1 will have your instructions for the Skrawl. Make sure to answer the questions asked and think deeply about the concepts presented in the readings and submit a thoughtful 'bit' 2. Remember this is a writing class, therefore use well-constructed paragraphs, logical transitions, consistency, and a professional tone. You need to be clear and precise. Don't forget to proofread your writing and use in-text citations (APA). Your submission (Bit 2) is due by Friday (April 1) and you will need to vote for the best submission by Sunday (April 3). Make sure you vote multiple times to ensure we have a legitimate winner.

Police Crime State Terror Police Deviance Coersion Disappearances Assasinations Torture Reviews