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Cecilia Grace

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Bit 1 Lost in Budapest

"We couldn't have stopped and asked for directions, huh?"
"Who should we have asked? The corpses?" Natasha rolled her eyes.
"Well, now we're lost in Budapest with no backup. The corpses might've not been the worst plan. we could have at least grabbed a phone or something."
Natasha leaned more on Clint, pulling the bandage on her bleeding leg tighter. "More first aid stuff might've been nice, too."

The duo stumbled around in silence for a bit. They seemed to be in an abandoned part of the city. It was empty with the exception of a few stray animals and homeless people. Natasha finally spoke up.
"Thanks for saving my ass back there."
"No problem. But I do have one question for you, if you don't mind."
"Were those guys, y'know..." Clint pursed his lips. "Were they who you escaped from?"
"Why does that matter? It's none of your buisiness."
He looked her dead in the eyes. "If my partner is being targeted, it's my buisiness."

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