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Chapter 1

    Have you ever tried to win but sometimes you just try too hard. well this happened to me. to explain, i must tell the tale of my biggest challenge.

    Let's go on , well I live in a world where the world is greatly overpopulated. so our cruel government solution was to send kids at the age of 15 into a cave, this cave not only has living dangers but you are also susceptible to becoming possessed which means you are dead inside so you try and kill all the others. the last person alive will win and prove survival of the fittest. that is how we keep the world from continuing  overpopulation. the reason i am telling you this is because in the future you could be in danger of what has already begun.

it all started when i was lying in my bed dreading the moment when i had to go to the cave. “he’s gonna die roger!” i hear my mom say through pouring tears. I can’t sleep, I feel the soft covers of my bed, I know I probably will never see my parents again. I have an earphone in my right ear listening to ben folds, “Gone.” I fear that soon enough I will be the one they refer to in this song.  I feel a warm tear run down the side of my face. I wipe it away trying to hide from myself that i am truly afraid of what is to come. My parents have already put most of my stuff in boxes, they are preparing for my death and so am I. yet this, they will never tell me; they say it is just for safe keeping.

And then i fall into deep slumber. “bringggg” I hear my alarm clock. I get up, I scoot out of my bed. I grab a pair of jeans and a black long sleeve shirt and a button up T-shirt. and I get on my socks and converse shoes. Then I remember today is when I leave today is when I fight for my family and for the chance to see them one more time. I step into the living room. And I look at my mom, her eyes are bloodshot. I feel like crying, but I try to hide my sadness, for my mom's sake. I sit down at the dining table with a shimmering finish. and I take the toast, and I spread a thin layer of jam on it. and I take a bite. My father says hesitantly “so jeremy, do you like your breakfast?” I wait a second then I respond “yeah it’s great, thanks.” I respond sounding depressed. I finish my meal, I hear the sound “vrrrr!”. “jeremy it’s time to go” my mom says stammering. I step out the door and look at the bleak car coming to pick me up, I hug and kiss my mom and dad, managing to shed a tear. I let go and  walk away looking back to see my parents, and I see my mom break down in quiet sobs. hoping that this challenge isn’t the end of me. By the time i’m in the car I am crying, I shrink into a ball like a child in the leather seats. I stop sobbing thirty minutes later. And I sit up, and wait, after a while I feel the boredom creep in. and I finally get to the entering area, I step out of the car, my legs are asleep, I shake it off. The driver gets out and leads me to the entrance to get my supplies for the big journey ahead.

    I remember watching my brother step in here with my parents with tears streaming down their faces. I also remember seeing on the television my brother getting stabbed in the stomach bleeding on the ground. I take a deep breath and I take  a small hesitant step forward. I see all of the other kids standing in a group listening to a wiry man. I listen to the man and he says in a kind squeaky voice, “so we are going to go get our gear now but first you need to sign this form. I look at the form, it says what species are you? I write spectumer. And I speed down the form. And I hand it to the man. Once everyone hands him their slip he leads us to a big rack with swords daggers and bows with arrows, I take one of each and some arrows. And I bump into someone and I say “sorry man.” and he blinks and then says “thanks.” and when everyone has what they need the man takes us to a couple more racks with gear. Then we go to some circle shaped elevators, and I get in one and the man presses a button on them and  I start to feel sick to my stomach. I see different colors and I try to close my eyes but I can’t. I start gagging  and then I see darkness. And then I feel myself drop.


Chapter 2

And so my story has begun… I look down and I see the ground hurtling towards me, and I hit the ground as if I jumped off of a building. I look down and I can’t hold it in any more, I throw up on the ground. I stand up shakily and look around, and I blink rapidly as if this were all a dream. It looks like a cave,  there are two directions to go one to my left and one ahead. I get my bearings and I decide to go left and keep my  right hand on the side of the cave and start jogging forward. All I see ahead is darkness. I force away my tiredness  and I push myself to go forward. when I am out of breath I speed walk forward always keeping my hand on the wall.

     I can hear people crying and screaming, and I wonder why, what will await me ahead. in all of the suspense I start sprinting! I don't feel tired, I keep sprinting for ten minutes. during that time I think about my parents watching me. then I see a light and I run as fast as I can! And then I come to a sudden halt. I look around, it seems like a forest conservatory. I remember me and my dad hiking  in a forest like this, before i start crying I put my palms on my closed eyes, and I sniffle. I tell myself inside to toughen up. While taking a step forward I wipe my nose. I jog toward the nearest hill in the corner of the huge room. I can't even see the end of this box like room. I try to scoot down the acute angle, I reach a patch of mud and I start tumbling down the hill. I stop rolling five feet away from the hill.



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