Felicity stared up at the mansion that Madame Vivian had told her where Victor was. She felt her stomach clench in anticipation. It reminded her of the times she was at war. When anxiety and fear tried to take hold. She would face the one being in existence that she hated with a passion. She closed her eyes, that wasn’t true. There was two beings in the mansion that she hated. It surprised her that she didn’t hate Caine though.

Steeling herself, she walked up to the massive doors and banged on them, ignoring the knocker shaped in the form of a gothic Angel. It was several long moments before someone answered the door. The Kindred that answered the door was dressed as a formal butler, the black wing suit, complete with a black bow.

He bowed to her, “yes?”

Felicity held herself rigid, tense, prepared to fight if she had to force her way into the mansion. One way or another, she would get inside. “Take me to Victor.”

The butler snapped at attention, confusion clear in his eyes. “I’m very sorry, but Monsieur Victor isn’t receiving-” She snapped her wings out angrily, her eyes darkening to a dark blue. He clamped his mouth closed and nodded, fear registering in his eyes. “Very well, follow me, if you will.”

She followed behind the wiry thin butler, her defenses high and on alert. She supposed she was sending out aggressive, tense vibes, but she couldn’t help it. From what she could sense, both her Angelic Senses and Vampric Senses, alerted her that there was at least twenty five other Kindred within the mansion. She sensed three very powerful auras. Caine’s was no doubt the strongest, followed by Lilith’s, and Victor’s.

She clenched her teeth tightly together, feeling her fangs dig into her lower lip. The butler, he had told her his name, but it went in one ear and out the next, led her to a formal sitting room where a dozen or so Kindred resided.

“I will go for Monsieur Victor at once, please make yourself comfortable.”

He left her alone with the other Kindred, who were staring at her with a mixture of fear and curiosity. She must have looked out of place dressed in her white armor, her sword dangling from her hips, her shield held loosely in her hand. Her black wings were undoubtable the strangest part.

She listened to the footsteps as they came down the hallway, she sensed four different Kindred, could hear the differences in the steps. Three males and one female. She turned towards the door just as it was opened, the butler bowed, and backed away from the door.

She saw Caine first, he stood five inches taller than her, which was astounding. His ashen blonde hair was parted at the center, hanging below his ears where a black mockery of a cross hung. His eyes were still that eerie violet color, giving off a slight glow. She didn’t know for sure if he had killed someone while feeding because his eyes hadn’t turned red. But as the Father of the Kindred, for all she knew that rule didn’t apply to him. He rose a brow at her, but didn’t say anything.

Next she saw Lilith and had to school her every instinct that told her to kill the female. Lilith was a tiny woman, at five foot four, she made Caine look like a monster in comparison. Her black hair was streaked with white, it was swept into an elegant bun, and a rose pin was perched delicately on the side. The female’s eyes were an eerie orange, glowing with curiosity and something darker, sinister. She was a beautiful female, but Felicity couldn’t bring herself to like the female, even a bit. She simply smiled a coy smile and walked past Felicity.

And then she saw Victor. He stood a few inches taller than her, his brown hair was short and parted to the side. His eyes were a vibrant red, alive with delight and wonder. He gave her a friendly smile and opened his arms, as if inviting her to a hug.

“My, if it isn’t my child, Felicity!” He moved towards her, which caused her to back away from him swiftly.

“Don’t you dare touch me,” she snarled out. “I am not your child.”

He frowned dramatically, “Are you still angry at me?” He sighed as if she were a naughty child. “Come now, let bygones be bygones.”

“That’s rich, coming from you.” She tightened her grip on her shield, her muscles tense.

“Felicity,” she winced at hearing her name come from his mouth, “don’t be a child. Act like an adult.”

Her gaze was red hazy, she wanted to strike out, and behead him. Every part of her screamed for vengeance. She eyed the room as a war commander would. The odds weren’t in her favour. She knew she would take down more than her fair share of the Kindred before they killed her, but she would die in the end. With a great effort, she pulled in her urge to kill.

“I am not a child.” She flinched when her fangs dug into her lip, drawing blood that tasted coppery.

He raised a brow, as if to mock her. “Why have you come, child?”

“I want this curse lifted.” She kept her tone level, calm. If she let on how angry she actually was, she knew she wouldn’t stop at angry words.

He laughed, which drew Caine and Lilith into the laughter, at her expense. “This isn’t a curse, dear one, but a gift. A gift of immortality.”

“In case you’ve forgotten, I was already immortal.” She sighed, “I was a commander for the Arch Angelic army, I was…” She trailed off, not wanting to remember, but having no choice. She had been famed and loved for what she had done, leading the army into battle, and coming out victorious every single time. And all it took was a little boy dying on her time to unglue her. Pathetic.

“How cute,” came Lilith’s voice. Felicity jerked her gaze away from Victor, to the female Kindred. She was smiling, but it was detached. Like a corpse grimly smiling. “I never thought I would see the day when one of God’s soldier’s was rendered this pathetic.”

She felt her face flame up, this female had the galls to mock her. It didn’t surprise her that Lilith didn’t recognize her. She had never lain eyes on Felicity, only… her uncle. She was the reason why her uncle had turned on her father that day, eight thousand years ago. As Felicity looked at the Kindred, she understood why her uncle had been enthralled. Lilith possessed an uncanny sexual allure, her body looked like sin and she had undoubtedly gotten what she wanted by simply batting her lashes at a man.

Well, Felicity was no man, and she wouldn’t be duped by this one. She turned away from Victor and set her fierce and angry gaze on Lilith. Lilith giggled, “What’s the matter, dear? Something on my face?”

Felicity glared at her, “do you remember an Arch Angel named Tariel?” Lilith’s face lit up in shock and wonder. She advanced on the Kindred’s mother, ignoring everyone else. “How about the fact that you tore up an entire family?” When she was a few feet away from Lilith, she realized she had mistakenly walked too close to Caine, who had his brow’s up in curiosity.

“That’s not my concern,” Lilith smiled, “that was eight thousand years ago. What bearing does that have on the here and now?”  

“Tariel was my Uncle.” She waited a moment for Lilith to digest that little nugget of information, understanding dawning in her eyes. “And because of you, he killed my mother. An Angel, a being who couldn’t defend herself from an Arch Angel.” Fury strummed through every word she spoke, she desperately fought to stop speaking, but she found she couldn’t. She had started and she had to finish. “Every part of myself wants nothing more than to reach out and send you straight to Lucifer. I was an emissary once, I would be willing to play the devil’s advocate once more if it meant I got to see you suffer for an eternity.”

“I’d like to see you try,” Lilith’s voice was no longer smug or confident. There was fear threaded into her tone. “You would be killed before you took one more step.”

“Really?” Felicity arched a brow, “Out of curiosity, does your dearest know about your scandalise affairs? With immortals and mortals alike?”

Lilith paled, her eyes shot to Caine. “T-that’s a lie. A horrible, horrible lie. I’ve been nothing but faithful.”

Felicity laughed, “You may be able to lie to everyone in this room, but you can’t lie to me. I see through your lies, to the heart of the truth. You’ve never been faithful to him, even while a human.” She waved her hand quickly through the air, causing Lilith to scream and back away, fearing for her life. When she was still intact a moment later, she looked around embarrassed. Felicity looked at Caine to gauge his reaction.

Caine’s brows snapped down low, a furious and enraged expression on his face. Oh yes, he was seeing Lilith’s memories very clearly. One of Felicity’s gifts allowed her to dig deep into someone’s mind and ferret out memories, giving them to someone else. No matter how much Lilith would try to deny it, her memories didn’t lie. Unfortunately for her, these weren’t her conscious memories, the ones she thought of, these were the bald, buried truth. They couldn’t be altered or changed in any way. 

Suddenly a hand landed on her arm, making her jump around, and draw her sword at the same time. Victor held his hands up in surrender. “Don’t ever touch me again,” she said between clenched teeth.

“You may want to leave,” he tilted his head towards Caine and Lilith.

Caine’s eyes were a hazy purple, dark with anger and disbelief. Lilith’s eyes were wide with fear and shame. She looked at Felicity, “stop him, please!”

“Tariel, you must stop this. This is foolish!”

Her mother’s words rushed to the forefront, causing Felicity to wince. “Stop him like my uncle?” She felt herself slowly start to grin, “That’s not my problem. You lied, Lilith, you deserve whatever he does.” She looked at Caine, noticing that he had a calculating look in his eyes. 

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