Bit 2 Chapter 2 Geek

The next day as I walked into college with Sarah. We saw Trystan and a few people standing with him. He saw me as we walked past; he smirked and said,

"Hey weirdo!" He laughed and his friends laughed with him. I rolled my eyes, and looked at him, laughing myself.

"I'm the weirdo and yet I'm not the only one who signed up to a creative writing class but the excuse is to meet nerdy girls like me." I said, turning towards him. He stopped laughing.

"Dude you're in creative writing class?" A guy next him said, "why? You're not a nerd." Trystan looked at the guy next to him,

"Of course I'm not she's a liar."

"Then how does she know you?" The guy asked, and Trystan smirked at his question.

"Must be in love with me I've never seen her before in my life. I would've told you if I had Josh." He said; Josh nodded.

"Now who's lying?" Sarah spoke up, "of course he's in creative writing; then again of course he wouldn't tell you. If he has a reputation which obviously he does; he wouldn't want people knowing now would he?" She raised an eyebrow at both of them.

"And who are you and what is a pretty girl like you hanging out with a geek like her?" Josh asked, talking about me like I wasn't there as  he walked closer. She shot him a dirty look for saying something like that to her.

"Because just because I may be "pretty" as you put it; but I can still be as geeky as the next person. I'm a geek get used to it. Not every "pretty" person is dumb you know." She looked at me, "come on let's go." She said to me, before she grabbed my hand and dragged me away to our next class.

I sat down with Sarah in our next class — Media — we had almost all the same subjects together. Creative writing, English and media studies. The only subject we didn't both take was our fourth subject I did history and she did philosophy.

As we all sat down taking our seats our teacher told us what we had to do for the class that day. We had to film a sweded version of a film. We had about half an hour to film.

We were also with two other girls who were really nice and friendly. Their names were Rachael and Emi.

We then discussed what kind of sweded film we were going to do. Emi suggested Harry Potter, to which we all agreed to and so we started on our sweded version of the sixth Harry potter film; Harry Potter and the half-blood prince.

When we finished filming, we edited and sorted things out before completing and uploading the video to YouTube.

As we waited for everyone to finish what they were doing all of us just decided to talk about our interests.

"Books are like the best thing in the world. I love them so much, they let you escape the real world." I said.

"I don't read that much but I started reading the Fault in Our Stars and it's really good." Rachael said.

"It takes a while sometimes to get into books," Sarah said, "you need to start the right book before you're able to get into books themselves." Sarah said; Emi and I nodded in agreement.

"Which is why fictional boys are much better than real boys." I said, looking at Sarah knowingly.

"He's an idiot don't let him get to you Jessie, he's a stupid boy." Sarah whispered, touching my shoulder, as if to tell me to forget about it. She then turned to Emi and Rachael and said,

"There's a boy in our creative writing who's really good looking but a real jerk."

"He called me a weirdo and then said I was a liar for saying he was in a creative writing class to his friend. He said he didn't know me and yet he's the one who basically started the conversation by calling me a weirdo." I said, "how would he know I was a 'weirdo' if he didn't know me?" I asked, they shrugged.

"Boys are stupid, they say stupid things, and it happens I wouldn't worry about it." Rachael replied.

Our teacher then told us, that we were going to show our videos to the class. We showed ours first and got great feedback, considering we only had half an hour to film, even though the others works was really good as well.

The bell rang saying that it was lunchtime and we decided to have lunch with Emi and Rachael.

As we sat down to a table Sarah and I saw Trystan walk past, my eyes scanned him as he did so. He must have seen me, because he then turned to me, smirked and winked, I quickly looked down at the table and away from him.

"That's him." I mumbled, Emi and Rachael turned around slowly when he wasn't looking to see him.

"He looks like a jerk to be honest, you know because he's good looking. Almost all boys who are good looking are jerks because they have to be not because they want to be." Emi said, "at least it happens to be the case in a lot of books that I've read."

"Apart from Augustus Waters, because he's gorgeous and has an amazing personality." Rachael said.

"I'm flattered that you think I'm like Augustus Waters ladies but considering what happens to him, I'm hurt." A voice said — a voice I could recognise easily; because it was so god damn sexy and deep. It was enough to make a fan girl think it was their favourite male character that had came to life – it was Trystan.

 "And how would you know? As far as I'm aware you don't even like books. You're just in our class to flirt was geeky girls like me, so they'll fall for you and then you'll break their heart." I said, "you're nothing like him, he's everything a girl would want in a guy, unlike you and what you happen to be."

"And what's that hmm?" He asked, moving closer to me, so we were face-to-face. My breath hitched slightly as I felt his warm breath on my face. I shook my head, to get myself out of whatever trance I was in.

"A jerk." I whispered, as I lost eye contact with him and looked at his lips, before my eyes snapped back up to his, "a big, horrible jerk; the worse person I've ever met, and I've met a lot of horrible people during my life." I spat.

"And you missy..." He trailed off as if he forgot what he was going to say, "Are nothing but a little, annoying geek. You will never amount to anything and will never get a boyfriend; because boys pick beauty over intelligence, always." He smirked and pulled away from me, "and for the record I watched the movie, that's how I know." He winked at me again before turning around to leave me unable to comprehend what had happened in those last few minutes when he was talking.

"Uh... What just happened?" I asked and Sarah smirked,

"He may be a jerk but he's attracted to you. It's obvious you're still attracted to him though you think he's a jerk." She said.

"I don't like him!" I whispered, gritting my teeth.

"Yes you do, you practically held your breath when he came closer to you. You could hardly say he was a jerk. Then again he almost forgot what he was saying before he completely insulted you with that comment of his." I raised an eyebrow,

"Really?" I asked as if I didn't know, "I didn't notice." I said, but I did I just didn't want to admit that he maybe just maybe liked me. Let's face it a guy like that would never go for a geek like me. I mean I didn't even consider myself pretty.

Sarah frowned, "Do you really still believe he'd never go for a lovely, kind-hearted girl like you?" She asked,

"No guy would. I'm just a geeky little girl who would like me? I'd never be picked by a guy because they 'always pick beauty over intelligence'." I said, "I'm not pretty."

"Of course you are, he's just saying that to put you down. Don't listen to him he'll be jealous when you get a guy just as gorgeous as him but with a personality like Augustus Waters. Believe me, you'll find someone much better than him." Emi said, smiling at me.

I smiled back at her, I was so glad to have friends like these guys they were so kind and sweet. They were slowly becoming the best friends I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, along with others that I hadn't even met yet.

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