Bit 2 Chapter 2: The pack

                (P.O.V. Seikō/Seth) 

Huh? I smell another wolf. One? No, two wolves. A young adult male and... An adolescent female, both are strong and in good health but something's off about her. Her scent is intoxicating. I have to know what she looks like... I howl inviting them to the hunt. "Seikō, what's wrong?" Tenkū trots over with his twin sister Jōkū. "Nothing's wrong, Tenkū. Why'd you break formation?" I growl turning to snap at Jōkū. I've known for some time that she's shown "interest" in me but I have no intention of loving her ever. "Now, now, Seth is that anyway to treat a pretty little lady?" Jinsoku winks at Jōkū, who smiles and wags her tail for him while batting her eyes. "You can have her then Jinsoku. You two are perfect for one another..." Tenkū growls at Jinsoku who merely rolls his eyes. "Another thing, it's Seikō, unless you're challenging me." I growl bearing my fangs on my jet black lip. "Touchy! And what's the difference between here and school? I wouldn't dream of challenging you." Jinsoku pulls back his ears, and exposes his stomach while on the ground, an expression of submission. "Jinsoku show some respect for Seikō...and you know when we transform we lose apart of ourselves and that part is replaced by another so different we are no longer us but someone new." Jinsoku quickly apologizes while still in a submissive position. "Ōkami it's nice to see you" I growl quickly to the old wolf. "So she's here" Ōkami chuckles softly and turns to look at me. "Ōkami?" I whine awaiting an explanation. "You mean you don't know?" Ōkami tilts his head to the side as the smile in his eyes turns to confusion. "No. Tell me wise Ōkami." "You'll know soon enough..." He looks towards the spot I smelled the other two wolves. I snap back to reality realizing we're hunting and need to go back to the house soon. "Myōjō how's the hunt?" I summon Myōjō to my side. "Well we've caught enough for tonight but we'll have to send out a hunting party before first light." I think it through. "Everyone has tried very hard and is probably tired." I look around and confirm my assumption as all of the party is lying down and panting by their own catches. "Alright it's probably best to send out more before dawn..." Myōjō who seems relieved lies down to catch his breath. "Don't relax just yet. Move out, take as much prey as possible, Myōjō and Jinsoku stay to guard what we can't carry. Ōkami, we need to have a little chat... Ōkami? Ōkami?!" I turn to where Ōkami was but he was no where to be found. "Well the rest on you head back I'm going to look for Ōkami." I turn shuffling a sigh and mumble. "Where'd that old coot go to now..."

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