Bit 1 Chapter 1: On the Run

                  (P.O.V. Artemis) 

A new territory. Unfamiliar, Dangerous, Mysterious. The snow and ice crunches under my paws as I run though the night and the woods with the light moonlight guiding me through the trees. The moonlight causes my thick sliver fur to illuminate with a metallic luster. My golden eyes sparkle brilliantly as I excel my pace. I could hear another set of paws and the breathing of another behind me growing louder. So he's catching up, eh? A breathy chuckle escapes from me. I thought about my brother's harsh tongue for disobeying when he finally caught up with me. I couldn't help it. I was the beta in our last pack. I'm extremely young for a beta but I had the spirit. I was a rebel, loner, rogue, and domineering. The Alpha male had taken a liking to me and made me beta. Brother found out that Alpha planned on making me his mate weather I agreed or not. Brother hated the idea. So here we are Fairbanks, Alaska... It wasn't until I heard my brother's voice in my ear did I realize I had stopped. "Artemis..." He whines softly. His warm breath bushing against my ear sends shivers down my spine. I close my eyes breathing in his familiar scent in an unfamiliar place.  "Artemis are you alright?" He whines more urgently. I open my eyes and turn to meet his sliver eyes filled with concern. "Apollo..." I close my eyes and lean against him. "I'm alright, stop worrying big brother." His body tenses at the very word "brother". He growls but quickly turns it into a playful growl. "Worrying isn't all I'm good for, you know." He steps away from me quickly expecting me to fall in the snow. "Dream on" I growl catching myself then in a flash I shift my weight onto my haunches and leap towards Apollo landing square on him. As we play fight, nipping, jumping, rolling and tumbling we both smell it...A pack! While my brother's fur bristles and his growls protest his extreme displeasure, I'm curious so pulling my belly to the ground and crawling into the the thick shrubs nearby, I cautiously peer around the land.We must have accidentally rolled into their territory while play fighting... That's when I see him, a male adolescent wolf guiding a hunt. His fur is an auburn and in the moonlight appears blood colored. He pauses a moment sniffing the air, he keeps his head held high and straightens his body to look bigger than he is. He's muscular and his tail is slightly longer than most and the tip of his tail wraps around his paw. His stance is both intimidating and protective. He raises his head and howls. Inviting us to hunt with them. I whine and my tail thumps on the ground to show my excitement but my brother growls a protest against the idea. I realize he makes a valid point, there are 3  adults and several adolescent all strong. It would be very foolish for us to join without knowing anything about this pack but there's something about him. The male is now almost smiling in our direction as I take my last look, we turn and leave out of their territory and to find a place to rest for the night.   


Blaze Grey's novel 


Cover Bit 2

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  • Renee Oberlin
    Renee Oberlin over 4 years ago

    I like the greek names in here and you should update the formatting. It was a little hard to read all mashed together.