Bit 7 Viewing Your Submitted Work

Have you entered into a writing challenge and want to see your work? Now you can! (For those who aren't aware, when you are unsure on whether or not you submitted into a writing challenge, it is when you submit an entry on a skrawl that had the "write" tab on it, or when creating your own skrawl, when asked "who can write on this bit" you did not select "Just Me", instead you clicked "Me and My Friends or "Just Page Members".

We often get this question: "I submitted my entry, but why can't I see it?"

-The reason is because all entries are anonymous until the voting period is over, but if you want to see your entry before that voting period, here's how.

1) Go to your skrawls. You can do so by clicking your account name within the grey banner in the top right hand corner of the page.

2) A drop down will appear, then click on "My Skrawls". 

3) You will be directed to the "Skrawls" tab of your Portfolio, which is found on your profile. Three tabs will be at the top, "recent", "bits" and "skrawl", click on "bits". Be sure that for the filter, "all" is selected. 

4) That's it! You should find your entry within that list. 

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