Bit 6 Updated Pages Feature (2/23/16)

Have you created a Page yet? It is a great way to grow your own fanbase and categorize all your similar work in one place! In order to amplify user success, we have updated the feature!

What has changed?

-Bigger banner: Although our old banner was good, we made it a little bit better. The page banner now expands the entire top section of the page. It no longer gets cut off by the page thumbnail, description and social media links. The size of the banner is the same however: 1680x800px. One note is that the portion of the size that is displays favors the bottom section of the image. Feel free to edit your image in any way that works for you because we do have a slider to zoom into the image within the upload section.

-More visible tabs: The tabs - About, Discussions, Skrawls, People and Manage - are now placed below the page banner as more of a cover page.

-Video on Display: The featured video on the page is now placed on the cover page. When you first visit a page for the first time, you are directed to a simple layout with all the tabs listed above. The video appears on the cover page as well as somewhat of an introduction.

-Share Button: Sharing your page to social media is easy, especially if you want to inspire more members to join.

-Welcome message: Each page has already had a short description you can add to their page. However, all the text is now displayed on the cover page. [So if you want to people to join, be sure to let them know!]

-Manage Settings: You can now change your Page from Open to the community to Closed (and visa versa) anytime you want. As well as, members of your group can now post their skrawls to your page, if you allow it of course.

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