Bit 2 Writing Challenges (1/15/16)

The great part about Skrawl is being able to create a writing challenge and write with other users on Skrawl and with your friends. In order to improve that process, you can now start a writing challenge with everyone in your page, or just specific people. After you have created a skrawl, within your page, go to the "manage bits" tab. In the "Who Can Write On This Bit" section, click "Me and My Friends". A drop down will appear, that says, "just page members (restricted writing)". Two options are below it come up: "any page member can write" and "only those I name can write". For "any page member can write", anyone who has become a member will be allowed to participate. However, when you pick "only those I name can write" will be just the members that you hand pick. You are given a text box to type in user names. Below that are the rest of the "bit" specifications: title, writing for at least, voting for at least and max words. 


Bit 1 Bit 3

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  • Skrawl Community Manager
    Skrawl Community Manager about 4 years ago

    Hi Jordan, thank you for your question. So, when you are at the manage bits section, you will add a new bit. It will say "add the first bit". Once you click on it, you will be dropped down to a section called, "who can write on this bit" with three boxes. One is "just me", the next is "anyone" and the last is "me and my friends". If you need more of a visual, I have a video tutorial on the cover page, linked here:

  • Jordan Rider
    Jordan Rider about 4 years ago

    I looked for that section and was unable to find it. I got to the manage bits section, but the who can write on this bit was not.