Bit 17 Skrawl Premium/Private Writing Rooms (9/7/16)

Private writing is finally possible! Are you a writer that wants to work alone or with a closed group? Well now you can! By upgrading your account to Skrawl premium, it can all be possible. 

Skrawl Writing Room provides writers with more control, visibility, and distribution for their writing projects. 

- Decide who sees and who works on writing projects

- Provide writers with real time feedback each step of the way

- Gain insight into how voting was cast by entry

- Detailed stats on writing

Sign up for a 30-Day FREE trial to upgrade your account to Skrawl Premium and create your Writing Rooms! Once the trial expires, you will be charged your choice of a premium plan. Either a monthly fee of $4.99/month or $54/year*. Cancel anytime, for any reason. 

*Your payment details will be requested when signing up for your free trial. 

Who uses Skrawl Writing Rooms?

- Studios & Publishers: Skrawl Writing Room can serve as an online writing room for studios, publishers, or anyone that has an idea for a story or script. Skrawl is the industry's first online writing room helping connect writers side-by-side and streamline their work on ideas, stories, new episodes, and scripts

- Universities & Writing Groups: The Skrawl Writing Room is perfect for engaging students in the classroom. Teachers or Professors can orchestrate a class project, view entries from each of the students, provide real time feedback, and monitor progress through a comprehensive statistics board. 

How Do You Upgrade Your Account? 

- From the grey bar on any Skrawl page, the pink navigation bar in the top right hand corner. Select "My Writing Rooms". You will be directed to the "member" tab of an informational page about Writing Rooms. Click "Own". 

You will find the two premium options for Writing Rooms, $4.99/month and $54/year and a button at the bottom of the page to learn more: "About Writing Rooms". 

Once you have decided which plan you want, click on it. A signup form will prompt your payment information. Enter in your Name, Address, Zip Code, City and Country. Click "Payment Info". Next, enter in your Card Number, Card expired date and the CVC number. Lastly, Click "Subscribe". 

After your payment information has been processed, the "My Writing Rooms" page will reload with the ability to create your first room. When you want to get started, click "Create Your Writing Room". 

Creating Your First Writing Room

After you have clicked, "Create Your Writing Room", you will be redirected to the customization page. 

- Upload Your Logo

- Type your Writing Room Name

- Type your description

- Describe the room (1. Company/Organization, 2. Educational Group, 3. Club or Group, Theme, 4. Character or Interest)

Customize your page

Finish customizing your page by adding a banner, filling in information in the About tab, start a discussion, Add a Skrawl, Invite Members* and Update the Settings. 

*Writing Rooms are private and all the content within them will not appear in searches. For writers to participate, they must be invited into the writing room. To do so, search their Name or Email Address via the Members tab. 

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