Bit 15 Dracula! (7/13/16)

A Dracula themed writing challenge is on its way! We had a lot of fun sending out teasers for this writing challenge that we think will take the internet by storm. Not only will this writing challenge involve Dracula AND Van Helsing, it is set in modern day with a twist of the cutthroat world of venture capitalism. Our goal was to not only have a bit of fun writing the story, but bring more educational content to Skrawl! Here's a bit of a break down of the story until the challenge officially launches July 29th!

Sand Hill: The Untold Dracula FanFiction

A modern day twist on the classic novel "Dracula" and the cutthroat lives of venture capitalists.

Set in the high-stakes world of venture capitalism in Northern California, Sand Hill: The Untold Dracula FanFiction is a unique story based on the timeless novel "Dracula" by Bram Stoker. Corruption, romance and murder come together in the perfect storm all masterminded by the charming, yet elusive Connor Drake.

Told by a series of different writers—the Skrawl community and you—this writing challenge is a truly unique blending of fiction and reality, featuring descriptions of fast-paced entrepreneurial dealings written by the leading players of Palo Alto’s real business game... Sand Hill promises to be an explosive ride.

Character List:

Connor Drake as Count Dracula. Drake is a Venture Capitalist of Dragon One Ventures and has been in love with Willa Murray for as long as he can remember. He hires Jonah Parker for a business venture.

Jonah Parker as Jonathan Harker. Parker is an accounting executive and Willa Murray’s fiancé. He was hired by Connor Drake for a business venture.

Willa Murray as Wilhelmina “Mina” Harker. Murray is a, the fastest growing social network, employee, former NYC Tech school teacher and Jonah Parker’s fiancé.

Bram Vaughn as Abraham Van Helsing. Vaughn is a FBI Special Agent investigating the financial crimes of Dragon One Ventures and is the friend of Jack Sword.

Jack Sword as Dr. John Seward. Sword is the founder of Picture.Me, Willia Murray’s boss and a friend of Bram Vaughn.

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