Bit 13 Updated Voting (7/12/16)

The New Way To Vote On Skrawl!

Voting on Skrawl is important; Why? Because Skrawl relies on the community of readers and writers to create collaborative content which produces original and unique stories you won’t find anywhere else.

We gave the voting process a bit of a facelift to not only make it more interactive, but easy! We have provided visuals in an upcoming email, but you can view it live by writing yourself! However, we have a short breakdown below. 

1) Read

When a bit is in voting, you will be shown a ‘set’ of up to four entries to read at a time. If you wrote an entry for a collaborative skrawl, you may be shown it however, in the interest of fairness you won’t be able to vote for it.

2) Choose Your Favorite

Once you have read all the entries, in the set, you can cast a vote for your favorite.

3) Read Some More

Depending on the amount of entries, there may be more for you to read and vote for. If so, you’ll be shown a second ‘set’ of up to four entries.

4) Influence the Story

Skrawl will chart your voting history and show you which bit is in the lead. If you write an entry, Skrawl will show you how yours rates against the top 3 entries.

5) See The Outcome

Once the voting deadline is up, Skrawl does some complex calculations* to determine the winning bit, which will become the next part of the story!

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