Bit 12 Hunger Games Writing Challenge! (6/6/19)

Introducing "Dark Days: Winds of Change - A Hunger Games Pre-quell!

We've all heard or read the story of Katniss and ‪‎Peeta‬'s rebellion against President Snow but, what preceded the feud between the Districts and the Capital? This writing challenge takes place 80 years before‪ ‎Katniss‬, and begins at the Hanging Tree...

The first Bit was posted on June 6th, and writing for Bit #2 starts June 9th! Be sure to leave any comments and feedback then prepare for writing!

Who is our featured ‪writer‬? Angela Watson is an artist, teacher, fairly new member of Skrawl, and from Phoenix, Arizona! Her work has been published in University journals and decided to write her first novel, "The Dark Days: Winds of Change" after finishing the Hunger Games series and being left hungry for more! She has provided the introduction and first chapter of the book for this ‪#‎writing‬ challenge to see what other writer's come up with!

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