Bit 10 Viewing Skrawls (2/22/16)

Based on the survey we conducted, we decided to make a few changes and updates based on the feedback! One of the changes we wanted to make was to the reading, writing and voting process on Skrawl! For now, we have updated the reading and writing; the voting process will be updated very soon!

If you think we missed something in our update, please retake our survey or email our community manager Allie at

Disclaimer: This will be an in-depth breakdown of the changes, so ladies and gents... PLEASE bear with me.

The Cover Page

The main purpose of the cover page is to tell the reader everything they need to now about the skrawl. Our previous cover page felt a bit cluttered so we wanted to cut down on a few things, mainly doing so to make the reading process straight to the point! It's now like an e-reader, but with more buttons :).

Starting from the top of the page, you will see that the navigation bar has a “Go To” drop down menu. That will appear on all skrawls, including ones you’ve created. Clicking on the “Go To” menu will list out all of the parts of the skrawl such as the “contents page” (aka the cover page) and all of the bits.

Navigating to Settings: The 'Gear'

Skrawls that you create will include one more button in the navigation bar: a 'gear' (in the right hand side). That gear leads you to “Settings” or “Manage Bits”. All you have to do is hover over it and they drop down menu will appear.

Clicking on “Settings” will bring you to the edit page, there you can change the content that appears on the cover page such as, Page Location, the Skrawl Category, Title, Description, Thumbnail, Tags and Embedded Video. If you make any changes, be sure to click “Save Changes” at the bottom.

Clicking on “Manage Bits” will bring you to the edit page for each, individual bit. If the bit has the setting with “Just Me”, it will show the title, the author (you, obviously), the bits status (like "draft", "writing" or “published”), and another gear.

Note: clicking on the 'gear' (the one on a bit) allows you to change the settings of that bit. Like from “Just Me” to any other setting like “Anyone”, “Any Page Member”and “Named Page Members” - and visa versa. HOWEVER, that option will only be relevant if the skrawl is in 'DRAFT' or 'IN WRITING'. If the bit has already be PUBLISHED, you cannot make these changes.


In the top, right hand corner of the page you will find the comments emoticon. That area calculates the total number of comments for the skrawl. For example, if a skrawl has 4 bits and Bit #1 has 3 comments, and Bit 4 has 2 comments, the emoticon will display 5. (3+2=5) Pretty Straight forward.


Under the navigation bar, you will find a pink bar with text relevant to what is happening on the skrawl. For example: “Read This Skrawl”, “Write Your Entry” or “Finish Your Entry”. If you wish to participate, just click on the button and follow the rest of the instructions (more explanation of this further down.. stay with me here).

Miscellaneous Info

The skrawl tile will still appear on the far right section of the screen and below it, you will find a 'follow' button (little circle wearing sunglasses) and a 'share' button. Clicking on the follow button will place that skrawl in your portfolio for you to refer back to it later. The share button will allow you to post that skrawl onto various social media pages.

Lastly, the rest of the skrawl information is on the page such as the skrawl's description and contents: a list of the bits. The contents list shows the title of each bit and the profile image of the person who wrote it. If a bit is in “writing” or a “draft”, that information will appear there. Also a bit in draft will have a little lock emoticon.

Making Changes Through The 'Gear'

If you are on your own skrawl and click the “Manage Bits” tab, you will find that all of the bits are listed and contain information. If one of the bits were set to "Just Me" as in you're the only person writing it, you will see information such as the name of the skrawl, who published it (aka you), the progress (draft, writing or published) and another gear.

If you have yet to publish the bit (so it would say “draft” or “writing”), you can click on the gear to change the "who can write on this bit" setting from "Just Me" to any of the other settings, and visa versa. This change is perfect if you change your mind during the writing process about who you want to have the ability to contribute.

If the skrawl was originally made into a writing challenge (ie you clicked “Anyone”, "Any Page Member" or “Named Page Members”), in this section you will be able to update the writing time, voting time and/or the word limit. Be sure to save any changes you make.

Reading the Actual Skrawl

Still here? Good! Let's talk about how reading a skrawl just got a whole lot cooler! Let’s say you want to read a current or completed writing challenge, there are a few other features that are included in the reading experience.

For this explanation, let's use a writing challenge that has 3 Bits for an example. On bit #1, you will find the same “Go To” button in the navigation bar, but also a button that tells you which bit of the challenge you are on => (Bit 1 of 3).

Also you'll see the name of the writer (in the top left hand corner). On the right, there will be a follow button to refer back, facebook/twitter share links and a share button. Lastly, the comments section at the bottom.

Now, let’s move on to the example's Bit #2. Let's say there were submissions! The same navigation bar will appear but it will include one more button, “All Entries”. That button will direct you to an area that shows you the entries that did not win (aka the runner ups [we will talk more about this area in a minute])

Next you will find the title change to “won by: John Doe” and next to it will be “competed against: x entries”. That information will give you a good idea of how the writing challenge went, and also give full credit to the bit's winner.

Reading The Alternative (Runner-Up) Entries

When you scroll down to the bottom, you will find an area that says, “Read The Other Entries” which will direct you to the same place as the "All Entries" button in the navigation bar, but it showcases the participants profile images.

Let's talk more about that “All Entries” button and area. Clicking on it will show a lot of helpful information. At the top you will see who won that Bit, the amount of entries it competed against, and a full list of the runner ups. You can click on any of the runner ups to be sent to their submissions. While there, you will find "previous" and "next" buttons to continuing reading the rest of the runner up entries. How cool?!

Submitting Your Own Entry

A big change we made was making the writing process more clear about submitting a bit. Let’s use the writing challenge example we used above...

Let's say Bit #3 was open for writing. When you get to that Bit, a simple screen will appear. It will tell you the number of the bit you're on, the name of the bit and a small blurb about the status of the bit such as, “Writing Until At Least: April 25, 2016 @ 9:40am”.

Then a pink button will be below that which says, “Write Your Entry”. Clicking on it will send you to a text box to start writing!

Also, to customize your text, just highlight the word, sentence, paragraph etc, and the customize bar will appear to let you bold, italicize, etc. You can save your work by clicking the little floppy disk emoticon in the bottom right hand corner and see how many words you've written in the bottom left.

Lastly, accept the T&Cs and click publish! That simple :).

Note: If you are writing your own skrawl and want to delete a bit you just created. All you need to do is go to the "Manage Bits" area. Click on the gear of the bit you want to delete, then a simple menu will appear with a button that says "Change". At the bottom there will be a grey box that says "Delete this Bit", then ask if you're sure. If you are, click "Really Delete This Bit".

Please try out the new system and leave any comments and questions below!

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