Alex Rosewood was happy, healthy, and had a living mom and dad. That is, until three years ago. Now, her dad's gone, her mother never feeds her, everyone at school calls her a mute freak, and she's lost all her friends, along with with her health. But Alexa doesn't seem to care what the demons at school think, or gossip about. They don't know her, so they don't have the right, or the capability, to judge her. No, that's not the problem. The problem is her mother. Along with never feeding her, and rarely being home, Alexa's mother forbids her to eat, leaving Alexa a lonely, starving teenage girl with nothing to turn to, except for music. The keys, the notes, the melodies. are all that give her comfort and happiness, along with singing. Well, that is, until she meets Jake Connors.

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