Bit 1 The Beginning

In the middle of a corn field, on a foggy night, stood two teenagers, dressed in formal clothing, they looked as if they were going to prom. The only problem was that their clothes were filthy from dust, mud and a crimson substance that looked a lot like blood. The boy was looking nervously around while the girl had wide eyes that were filled with sparks of excitement. In front of them stood an old barn that the stories would make a grown man crawl under his bed and never come out.

"Can we go now?", the boy asked. The more he stood in the corn field, the more he thought that they weren't the only ones there. He wasn't sure if it was someone or something.

"Stop being so scared nothing will get us. We'll be fine!", the dark skinned girl responded to her friend. She turned back aroud and continued her wak.

To make fun of her scared friend, the girl cried out for help while hiding between the corn plantations. The other teenager terrified by the idea of his best friend being hurt ran in the direction of the scream. When he was next to the hidden girl, she jumped out of her secret place and scared the poor boy who was just trying to be a good friend and accompagny the girl to the Haunted Corn Field.

"Don't ever do that Ava, you scared me... You know what if you ever do that again I'll leave you alone here.", the boy screamed to his best friend that was still laughing, but she stoped when he mentionned leaving her in this place.

"Ok fine I'll stop... I'm sorry Kev.", the girl now known as Ava answered.

They continued to walk after this incident but several minutes, Ava started to walk faster and Kev had problems keeping up with her. At one point she was so far out that he couldn't see her anymore. Everything was silent until Kev heard a scream that sounded a lot like Ava. Thinking she was kidding Kev screamed to his friend to stop messing around and to come out of her hide out. When he didn't get an answer, Kev started to freak out because no matter how her friend what quite the trickster she always answered back when her name was being called out.

"Ava where are you?

Come on answer me....

This isn't funny anymore"

Seing a shadow in the foggy night, he thought it was Ava so he walked towards it... Turns out, it wasn't Ava.

"No wait what are you doing? No Stop!!! Wait? STOP!!!"

Cover Bit 2

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