Bit 1 How it started

I have a lovely life. I have a little brother, Tommy and a little sister, Lucy. My father owns lots of estates with hundreds of thousands of pounds coming in each year. My mother used to be a model before she had me at sixteen. That is probably why we are so close. I am now fourteen and are starting High School but it's Ok because I have two best friends at school, Nima and Lena. We stick together like glue. I am not spoilt but I suppose I am more well off than most people.

This is the story of how my life turned upside down and the tragedies that befell it. You may be angry, you may laugh but most certainly of all, you may cry. This is how it all began...

Walking through those big gates is like walking into a prison. You may never get out. What I was about to find out was that you shouldn't always count on what it looks like on the outside but what it looks like on the inside. Everyone was so welcoming, everywhere I went other students were saying hello, welcoming me to their school. Life here might not be so bad after all. Our first class was Maths which I really enjoy. The teacher, Mr Miller, was a kind man and taught me the maths I knew but in an easier way to understand. At first we were allowed to sit by the people we wanted but if we messed around he would put us into a seating plan.

The first part of the drew along very slowly with every teacher explaining the rules over and over again until our brains were plastered with them. New books were handed out along with levels and a big speech about what we would be learning. They said it was school procedure but I never believed them. At last the day was almost over. I just had to get through lunch and then the last lesson and the first day would be over. It could be smooth sailing after that. How wrong could I have been?


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