It was the day of Mulan and Shang's wedding and Mulan's family was in a rush and panic. They knew the wedding of the two were nearing, but they didn't know it could happen so soon. So much could happen in a year, like the day Mulan and Shang moved into Shang's top notch home, and when Shang and Mulan's army won against the Hun Army for the 3rd consecutive time while they planned their wedding. It was said that while the two fought back to back they discussed the flavor of the cake as well as the guest list and where the reception would be. As Mulan sat in her room she remembered the first day she met Shang. Although he was all tough at first, he soon dropped his solider attitude once she revealed that she was actually a girl fighting in place for her dad, and the rest was history.She remembers the day he proposed to her. She was in her family garden when Shang walked up to Mulan and got down on what knee. She screamed with happiness and jumped on him as a sign of yes. As she smiled she listened to her families panicked voices throughout the house. However, one she did not hear was her father's, who died peacefully in his sleep while Mulan and Shang fought the Hun Army. As Mulan felt she felt as if a part of her had died that day. The reason she had joined the army was because of her father, she didn't want him to fight and to never come back home. But she knew he was up there watching with her great ancestors. As she continued to get ready she began to think of her life with Shang,the battles they would have in and out of their home, the sweet romantic ideas he would come up with, and the days they would spend outside the house and not in the snow fight the Hun Army again. She was really excited for that life. After a couple more hours of getting ready Mushu suddenly came in.

"Well if it isn't the bride to be, how you feeling?" Mushu asked

"I'm feeling really well. Although I did wish my father was here to witness this." Mulan said a little sadly

"Well, we all know he is in a better place... or is he?" Mushu said suspiciously

"Mushu are you implying that my father went somewhere else besides being with my ancestors?" Mulan looked at him doubtfully

"Well not exactly... why don;t you see for yourself?" Mushu soon gestured to the mysterious shadow outside her door. The shadow had the same height and stature as her father.

"Is this real?" she asked Mushu

"Go and look. What I can do may surprise you." said Mushu

When Mulan walked out she saw her father in mortal form standing next to her door with a genuine smile on his face.

"Father... you're here."Mulan said astonished

"Why don't you come over and give your old man a hug?" her father said

Mulan ran over to her father and gave him a hug. Tears soon started to form in Mulan's eye,

"I missed you daddy. I never got to say goodbye. I was off doing something else. I'm sorry." Mulan apologized

"It's okay honey, I know you were doing everything for me. I'm proud of you. I've been watching you. Everybody's been watching you." her father said joyfully

"I suppose you're here for the wedding." Mulan said " Well now it feels more complete now that you're here to walk me down the aisle." Mulan smiled when she said this. She then turned to Mushu "Thank you, this is the best present you have given me for my wedding."

"Ah, it was no big deal. I wanted to get you something special and the I thought I wanted to bring someone special." Mushu said.

In the end Mulan and her father talked more until it was time for Mulan's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. Shang wore his captain's outfit and Mulan wore a simple white silk dress with a lily in her hair. She was happy that her father was there to walk her down the aisle and ecstatic that he was there for the entire day. In the end Shang and Mulan got married and Mulan got to spend time with her father. It was truly the happiest day ever. It was Mulan's Happily Ever After.

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