After proving that she could be the queen of Ireland, Merida wanted to do something to show that she is worthy of her crown.

"What could I do to show that I can be the queen of Ireland?" Merida thought.

As she thought she overheard her mom and dad talking about something they could do for the children of Ireland.

"And what is wrong with teaching the kids Archery? Merida learned and she is perfectly fine now." stated Fergus

"Well for one thing, the kids might poke their eyes out and for another the parents probably won't approve." argued Elinor

And once that was said Merida had a bright idea.

"What if we put on a fair for the kids." suggested Merida "It would have sports, food, and fun and it would show what kind of queen I am."

"That sounds like a great idea." said Fergus "Uh, will there be Archery."

""Yes as well as horse riding and baking and sewing and sword fighting." continued Merida.

"This fair seems like a good idea, a dangerous one but a grand idea." Elinor thought aloud.

As she thought about it more she nodded her head in agreement.

"Lets do it. It'll be fun." said Elinor.

And with a cheer the family started to plan out when and where the fair would be.. They also discussed more and more ideas on what kids could do in the fair that would be a good amount of safe and dangerous. Once they finished planning Merida made poster, got her bow and arrows and saddled her horse as she shot the posters on nearby trees to promote the fair.

"Now we just wait." Merida thought

The next day Merida helped to get some things ready for the fair. She set up some archery targets, puts some very sharp needles near a table of fabric, rode a horse into a stall, and sampled some of what the kids will be learning to bake. Once she finished helping out she saw her first fair participant, The little girl was in some ways like Merida, from the red curly hair down to the little bow and arrow set she carried on her back. As Merida approached the little girl she wondered what they would be able to do first, Archery...Baking, or maybe Merida would take her on the path where she practiced her archery.

"Hi cutie, what's your name?" Merida asksed

The little girl looked up with big golden brown eyes,

"M-my name is Josie." she said shyly. "It's nice to see y- you in p-person Queen Merida."

"You want to hang out with me today Josie? I guarantee that it will be fun." Merida asked.

"Hmm," Josie looked up to her mom to see if she could go with the queen and with a nod of approval Josie's eyes lit up and she said excitedly.

"Okay, I would love to have fun with you on today Queen." said Josie.

"Please, call me Merida," Merida said,"Are you ready for a amusement park adventure?"

"YES!!" Josie shouted

As Merida and Josie traveled throughout the town amusement park they mad pastries, learned horse back riding, shot arrows from up to 25 feet and sewed matching tapestries of their time at the amusement park. Merida noticed how much fun Josie was having and soon smiled because she knew this was going to be a great connection between the children of Ireland and the Queen of Ireland. In the end Josie had a great time, not only that, but Merida promised Josie that if she wanted to have a fun day with her Merida would have it with her, royal duties would be excused until the next day. And again, Merida did not need a man to have a happily ever after.

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