"What are we going to do for Alexandria's birthday Aladdin? She's turning 16 we have to do something big." Jasmine stated.

"Well I was thinking the biggest birthday bash in all of Agrebah. The celebration could be at one of our beautiful palaces in the desert and she could be escorted there by an elephant and trumpets will play music for her when she enters the palace." Aladdin suggested.

"That sounds a little too extravagant. What about a night out on the town? We could get carpet and fly around places exciting and fun." Jasmine said

"Well, I was thinking to just give the girl a dog, everybody loves dogs." joked Genie "She'll learn responsibility that way."

"If you are talking about her most recent encounter with the guards looking for her hairbrush she said she was just trying to find it more efficiently." Jasmine said

"But sending them all over Agrebah was not an efficient solution." Genie said.

As the group discussed Alexandria's birthday party more they finally decided to combine everyone's ideas. The first idea was Genie's and Abu's idea, Jasmine woke Alexandria up and she was presented with breakfast in bed as well as a white adorable puppy. Alexandria smiled in glee as she saw the sights of the start of her birthday celebration. Then Genie transformed Abu into an elephant to start Aladdin's birthday plan. Alexandria and the crew soon traveled out to the biggest palace where Alexandria was greeted by her friends and a fan fair of music. As the guests partied all night while Aladdin and Jasmine took Alexandria for a ride around the world on the Carpet. As they traveled Alexandria thanked Aladdin and Jasmine for a wonderful birthday celebration and soon drifted off to sleep. Jasmine was pleased about how Alexandria's birthday went. She was proud to be her mother and hoped for more experiences like the one she had today with Alexandria. The day had truly had a happily ever after ending.

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