As Elsa ran away from her kingdom panicked thoughts entered her mind.

"The kingdom is after me, they think I'm a monster, even a sorcerer. I hope I didn't hope Anna. Oh no! Anna! She's left with the wrath of the kingdom. Maybe I should go back and get her. No that's not a good idea they might try to use her to lure me back and kill me. I should have never opened the gates." she thought

As Elsa continued to run with each step the water became ice and snow started to fall. She soon started to get tired and decided to walk as far away from her kingdom as possible. She knew she shouldn't come back because if she did the citizens of her kingdom would no longer see her as the quiet Queen Elsa, but as the destructive ice monster and sorcerer. All her life she tried to hide the power she had so others won't get hurt. One early incident was with her sister when they were both little girls. They were just playing around when all of a sudden Anna was about to fall. Elsa had tried to catch her from falling but when she used her magic it hit Anna in the face knocking her out cold. Her skin was a cold as ice and the consequence of that hit was that Anna has the ever present white stripe of hair. Luckily the rock trolls had been able to restore Anna's health, but had to erase all of her magic moments with her sister and replace them with regular memories that would have happened without magic. Elsa also had to stay locked in her room, forbidden to talk and even play with her sister. She also had to wear gloves in order to keep her ice powers contained. Trying to keep her magical powers hidden not only tired her out, but she also had to come up with more and more excuses as to why things are happening or why she stayed hidden for so long. Elsa soon decided that it was time to stop worrying about her powers and to just let her fear of hurting anyone go since she was going to be forever alone. Elsa soon stopped walking because she found herself on top of a hidden mountain covered in snow. She soon decided to put her powers to the test and build a shelter for herself. So she let go to her powers and built the most beautiful ice castle anyone has ever seen. Then she made herself a bedroom and a nice bed made of soft snow and slept.

When Elsa woke the next day she walked out onto her balcony expecting to be back in the kingdom, but instead she was on the same mountain she had been on last night. As she looked out on the balcony she saw a beautiful sunrise. 

"Maybe being alone is the most safest thing right now. Anna and my citizens will be safe. I'll just wait until the day comes to go back."

And so Elsa was finally happy with her magical abilities and was able to finally accept them ,and Elsa lived Happily Ever After.

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