The doors to the castle opened and Cinderella steped out with her new daughter and her husband. The whole kingdom was waiting for the royal family to announce the name of the new princess.

"I present," said Prince Charming "Claire the First."

The kingdom erupted into appluse and happiness. They finally had a princess who would, like her mother, be gentle and kind. The princess was also as beautiful as her own mother. With her long blond hair and sapphire blue eyes the mother daughter duo almost looked like twins.

The next day the kingdom celebrated the birth of the new princess. First there was the coronation of the child. They brought tons of gifts for the family and baby Claire. On special gift was a necklace that gave the baby the ability to realize when someone was telling the truth. As the night went on and on the civilians of Cinderella's country partied, laughed, ate, and had fun.

As Claire grew up the amulet worked in her favor when it came to courts. Claire was considered the best judge there was in the kingdom. 

When Claire turned 14 years old, the kingdom through a birthday bash for the young princess. It has been the 2nd birthday party in a long time. The kingdom has suffered a powerful curse from a sorcerer who could shape shift into anything. The townspeople were frightened by the sorcerer so they did the party in secret. The sorcerer wanted Claire's amulet, so he decided to disguise himself as a townsfolk and take it from the princess when he looked away.

On the day of the party the townspeople gathered inside the castle and celebrated Claire's birthday.They brought gifts and food to the celebration.During the party Claire noticed that her amulet was gleaming bright white. She instantly knew that someone among the townsfolk was not who they said they were. As Claire looked around she noticed that one towns person was secluded from other people. So she slowly walked up to him and the amulet grew even brighter.

"Guards," Claire cried, "Arrest this person, he is an impostor."

The guards surged around the townsfolk and put him in handcuffs. All around people watched as the towns person got arrested.

'Revel yourself." Clair commanded.

The sorcerer then revealed himself and the crowd gasped. All around the room you heard mummers of shock and fear.

Then Cinderella and Prince Charming appeared behind Claire

"Honey," Cinderella started, " What's going on?"

"I found the sorcerer disguised among the townspeople with my amulet, he was probably trying to steal it."

"Guards take him to maximum security jail." Cinderella said

As the crowd erupted in cheers, the guards brought the sorcerer to prison and locked him up for good. The town was peaceful for several years, and Claire grew up to be a honest woman and soon became a good queen for her kingdom, and she and the rest of the kingdom lived happily ever after.

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