"Ben where are you?" Belle was calling her 8 year old son Ben. She never knew where he was. The castle was full of surprises. After the castle was restored to it's former glory, new surprises were everywhere.

"Ben? Come out where ever you are." Belle was starting to get really nervous at the fact her son was missing in the castle or in the city of France. He wasn't with his father or he wasn't in the castle horse ranches.

"Have you seen him yet?" asked Adam. He rushed in from looking all over the city of France. " He has to be around her somewhere. I mean where can an 8 year old go at such a young age?" Adam asked.

'I don't know, but I hope he is okay." Belle said. Then, Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts came from the kitchen. From the looks on their faces Belle could tell there was more bad news.

"Chip," said Mrs. Potts. "He's gone!" teards soon welled up in the gentle lady's eyes.

"Don't worry," Belle said," We will find them. Even if it takes two whole weeks.". Although Belle said this with a confidence in her voice she still seemed a little worried. " What if we don;t find them in time? What if they never show up? Are they in danger?" These questions and more came up in Belle's mind, she was so scared for her child's life and Chip's life. Adam soon walked up behind her and gave her a beastly hug. " It's okay everyone. We will find the children, for now lets rest and continue the search tommorrow." Everyone aggreed it was time to sleep so the castle crew rested that night full of hope and worries.

The next day at breakfast, Belle got breakfast and ate it in the Castle library. As she read her book she noticed that there was a sound of children laughing in the library. She looked around, but never saw anybody in the library with her. She soon heard some more laughing and followed the sound to the fireplace. She looked around the fireplace for some kind of sign, then she noticed at the top of the fireplace she saw the book "Alice in Wonderland" out of place. When she picjed up the book she heard a loud rumbling in the castle and the fireplace soon hid the firewood below the fieplace and reaveled golden double doors opening up to an unknown place. Belle stepped inside the doors and when she looked back she could still see the library through a mirror. She soon heard more laughter and followed the noise to a minature version of the actual castle. When she stepped inside the doors of the castle she saw Ben and Chip playing a simple game of tag.

"Ben, Chip!" she exclaimed. The children turned and rushed to greet her.

"Mommy,mommy, I found an enchanted version of our home." Ben said. "Chip and I have been here for a couple of days. It's really cool. Can we keep this place to ourselves?" he asked.

Belle thought about this for a moment. "Sure," she said " As long as you come out every few minutes so your daddy and I can know where you are." Ben smiled and nodded his head agreeing to his mother's deal.

Belle was finally at peace and when she left she was glad that Ben had a place in the library juset like his mother. And Belle was very very happy, and lived happily ever after.

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