It was Auora's 30th birthday in the fine city of Italy. Ahh, Italy was indeed the city of love. Just a couple of years ago, Auora's prince woke her from her endless sleep and they soon married and had a baby named Briar Rose. It was truly a wonderful day. The good faries were there, Maleficeint was finally defeated and she could finally be peacfully in her own castle. Her mother and father were also at Auora's grand celebration. They smiled and waved as everyone greeted the old kind king and the gentle loving queen. It was a very happy day.

When the celebration started everyone greeted each other and asked everone to dance. Auora danced with Phillip, King Stefan with Queen Leah, and young Briar with a boy of her age. After the many dances it was time to present the gifts to Auora. Many other allied countries bought gold and treasures, but Auora being the good queen she was declined it by giving it to the city peasants. They were truly thankful for a queen of her kindness. Then it was cake time. The good faries made a 30 layer cake with magic and the cake was full of very different flavors like vanilla, chololate, strawberry, red velvet and many many more. As the loyal subjects gathered around to get some cake Auora watched in awe as everone was there at her royal celebration for her. Sure, she fell aslepp for a long time, but it showed her what type of person she really was. A caring, compassionate, loving queen, wife, and mother. She never broke the rules and she always did the right thing expectedd over her.

At the end of the party she was asked to come outside because the castle staff, her husband, her daughter and her loyal subjects prepared something for her. When she went outside she heard a pop and  saw many different colors of light. They presented her with a fieworks display for her birthday. She was truly greatful for the people who loved and supported her. She tjhanked everyone for coming and truly had a very happy birthday.

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