After Melody's coronation, Ariel planned to spend sometime on vacation near the deep blue. She was not like the mother's who set expectations for her daughter to meet. Although, all she wanted her daughter to do was become queen, get married, and maybe.. just maybe have a little child of her own. Ariel packed her bag with clothes accesorries, and of course her helpful dinglehopper, who her lovely husband called a fork. Ariel was ready to go to Ocenania where she will be able to swim, relax, and enjoy her company with Eric. Only something was wrong, where was her father to give her magiacal mermaid abilities to her. She wanted to swim with Flounder, and annoy Sebastian like she did when she was younger. So after she packed her bags she went outside the castle to call her father.

"Father, where are you?" she called.

King Triton soon appeared a couple of seconds later. Ariel ran over to greet him with a hug and a kiss for her loving father.

"Do you have anything that can allow me to be a mermaid when I swim, and a human when I am on land?"she asked.

'Well, I might."

Triton looked around under water, pulled up some seaweed and soon made it into a beautiful magical bracellet with his tritent.

"Here you go dear, make sure you do not loose it. If you are in water and you loose it, you will end up staying a mermaid forever unless you find it." King triton explained.

"Thank you father, I won't let this out of my sight." Ariel said.

She soon hugged her father goodbye and set off to Oceania. When she got there she unpacked she looked out unto the deep blue and stared. She inhaled the deep blue scent of the ocean and stepped into the ocean. When she got waist deep she soon turned into a mermaid.

"It worked." she said.

As she swam around in the deep blue sea she waved to fish who recognized and greeted her, and she went to her cave to see if her treasures were still there. As she returned to the surface she encountered some eels attacking her friends. She swam up to them cofronted them and with a whip of her tail they were gone.

"Thanks for your help." Flounder said.

"Yes," said Sebastian " How can we repay you?"he asked.

Ariel was about to say something when she noticed her bracellet was missing. She looked around her for it hoping it just fell.

" Oh no, " she said, "I can't leave without that bracellet, it's the only thing that will keep me a mermaid, and Eric might be missing me right now."Ariel explained.

"Then we will help you find it." Sebasain said.

" Yeah," said Flounder, "It might have fell off during the fight and the eels probably took it."

"Then lets go find it." Ariel said.

As they travelled through the deep blue they soon found the eels hideout. Sebastan created a diversion and the eels went to see what he was up to. When the eels left Ariel searched for her treasure and finally found it resting on a rock. When she turned to leave, she saw the eels with Sebastan on their tale trapped. Ariel had to figure out a way to save her best friend. She soon noticed that a cage was right above the eels head, probably for intruder purposes. She followed the direction of the seaweed and saw it lead to a medium sized rock. With a flick of her tail the rock as fremived from off of the seaweed and the cage fell on the eels trapping them. Sebastan got off their tale and went out of the cage through the tiny hole. In the end Ariel wished her friends goodbye and promised to visit them throughout the vacation. And her vacation was a Happily Ever After.

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