Tiana finally owned her own restaurant in New Orleans. She was excited to begin her brand new adventures in cooking. Not only that, but she had her family and friends by her side. Naveen gave her encouraging advice whenever things were unexpected, Louis decided that he wanted to play live music for the restaurant, her Momma always taste tested the food and Mama Odie added some enchanting mixes in the food to give the people a little more something exotic. Not to forget the Ray was always shining his unique light from up above on the restaurant. This night was special because Naveen's parents were coming from Maldonia to have a taste of the great food made by Tiana and her friends. As she walked around her room she thought how she could make this night special for them.

"What are your country's colors Naveen?" Tiana asked

"Cyan and white," Naveen said, "It represents integrity and completion."

"Can you go to the store and get some Cyan and White table clothes for tonight please?" Tiana asked

"Sure." Naveen responded. He got the car keys and walked to the garage where he soon drove to the car to the nearest store

Tiana then decided to go to the restaurant to finish the food for tonight. She needed to get the table and chairs set and start cooking the food before six. Tiana grabbed her keys and headed to the door. She unlocked her car and drove to pick up her momma.

Once she arrived at her mamma's house she asked her how her day was, asked her for a bottle of water and escorted her mother to the car. Soon her mother and herself were on the road to her restaurant. She already had some of the food ready the night before. She completely pulled an all nighter just so she could be able to impress Naveen's parents.

As soon as Tiana entered the restaurant she tied on her apron and headed straight for the kitchen. There she finished up the seafood, garnished her side dishes and started baking her world famous beignets. Soon after she placed the delicious desserts on a spinning platter and added powered sugar.

She was finally done preparing for tonight all she needed was the table clothes and her restaurant would be ready for tonight. Luckily, Naveen came in just in time. The table cloths were beautifully decorated and it was the softest material ever.

"Can you help me set the tables Naveen?" Tiana asked.

"Sure." He grabbed a handful of table clothes and soon started setting the tables. Once the two finished setting up Tiana was ready to open up shop. She flipped the sign from "Closed" to "Open" and waited for Naveen's parents to arrive. She did greet the customers occasionally in a friendly matter. After several minutes his parents finally arrived. They marveled at how elegant the restaurant looked and how it reminded them of their home.

Once they sat down to eat, they took one bite of Tiana's food and they deeply astounded.

"And you did all this cooking ?" the mom asked.

"I had help. Your son, my momma and my dad." Tiana responded

"Well they taught you well." Naveen's father said.

"Thank you." Tiana said

The rest of the evening was filled with laughs, music, and the occasional joke. Tiana felt a sense of pride as she realized that she finally accomplished her lifelong dream. She also hoped in the future that she would accomplish more dreams. But until then, Tiana and her family would live Happily Ever After.

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