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Writer's note: I had some outside help with this chapter. I went on a website and asked the people i encountered this following question, "I'm writing a Disney Princesses fan fiction and I am currently starting a chapter on Snow White. What do you think her story should be about? Please keep in mind that this is for kids." After several minutes of asking and either getting rejected or people saying that they didn't have ideas i finally came to a small group of people. About 8 people responded to my question. So I decided to mix all 3 of their ideas together: Canadian Snow White, Dragons, and a plot twist. I would like to thank those people who helped me get an answer for my story. You 8 have truly helped me towards the completion of this story. Enjoy

It was a fair 70 degrees fahrenheit here in Vancouver, Canada. Snow White woke up feeling grumpy as usual. It was just something about the day that didn't seem wrong. She heard the birds chirping, animals chatting, and ... was that singing? She stormed to her balcony and low and behold there was Rowena sitting outside near the lake playing with the frogs and the other animals.Snow White despised the little princess because she was so popular with animals and people. Although they feared her the queen believed it was better to be loved than feared. As she stepped away from the balcony her servant cheerful came with her apple juice. She took the juice and sat on her throne and placed her feet on brainy who was kneeling on the ground. Doc walked up to her and bowed until his face was in the ground, "greeting my queen." he said in a terrified voice.

"What are the sales reports?" Snow White asked, It was obvious that Snow White was not in the mood for chit chat for her 7 servants. There was Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey, Grumpy, and Sleepy. She fired Sneaky after finding out that he had stole her silver and onyx necklace. The now 7 Dwarves worked at her Maple Tree Companies all over the country.

At the companies they harvested Maple so the factories all over the world could make their syrup. Not only that but they were the top Maple Harvesting company, so if anything went wrong it made Snow tremble. No maple equals no syrup, and no syrup equals no money, and no money equals no apples.

"Well we have a sort of situation my queen," Doc said

"What is it?" Snow White asked, her voice was starting to show how angry she was.

"There seems to be a dragon." Doc mumbled

"A what?" Snow White asked "Speak up and stop mumbling," she said.

"A DRAGON." Doc said to the point where he was yelling.

A dragon had come back to Vancouver, the regulars couldn't really see the dragon because it was shrouded by a veil. However Snow White, The Dwarves, everyone who used magic could see the dragon and they knew how to deal with it.

She soon stood up and started giving commands to get her carriage, her wand, and to wake up Sleepy, she was going to put a definite end to that dragon.

As she rode to the company she was thinking of how to end the princess's life. Send one of the dwarves to kill her, no they would crumble with emotion. What about setting her room on fire while she sleeps, no the maids will try to save her. Then she looked down at her necklace, inside was dust that caused people to turn into gnats. She could turn the princess into a gnat and then... well she would have to think of what to do afterwards, but right now she had a dragon on her hands and if she didn't fix that problem she would be deeply upset.

Once they arrived at the company she saw the dragon at the top of her company like it was king kong. She figured that she should somehow get it out of the town so that she can take care of business then. She got out of a carriage and transformed herself in a dragon and tried to get the dragon's attention. Once the dragon looked over it got of the company and went to go meet Snow White, she soon led the dragon to a forest inside a cave, and of course the dragon followed. She then transformed back into her mortal state and hid behind a rock waiting for the dragon once she entered she cast a sleeping curse on the dragon that caused him to sleep for thousands and thousands of years.

Snow was finally at peace about the dragon, but she was not going to let the princess get her happily ever after. She knew she had to act fast before the princess takes her crown.

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