Rapunzel was finally back at her family castle. She missed her real family after being trapped in a tower for 18 years. Luckily Mother Gothel was no longer keeping her holed up in a tower. Rapunzel wasn't cheery about it, but she was finally happy that she will be able to go out and explore the world with her family and Eugene a.k.a Flynn Rider, the man who tried to rob her tower and ended up falling in love with her. They have been together for quite a while now, and she was wondering when he was going to ask her to marry him. She did see him talking with her father on some occasions when he thought she couldn't see him, and they would always go into another room whenever they wanted to talk in private. When they came out she would ask what happened and he would always say

"It's gross, disgusting guy stuff. You'd probably be disgusted by it." and then he'd walk away like nothing happened blushing.

"Maybe he doesn't know," she thought. "I should start dropping some signs and tr to get him to propose."

With this in mind she began to plan out how she was going to drop hints. Like saying her ring size whenever someone asked her for a certain amount of something and he was around. Or by working words related to a proposal in their conversation and "mistaking" it for another word. Hopefully by then he would get the point she was trying to get across.

So the plotting started and Rapunzel decided to answer a question with 400 or 4000 or any other number related to the number 4. But he seemed to have never notice. Day after day her efforts seemed to go unnoticed.

Rapunzel decided to completely give up. Eugene hasn't been noticing anything and he has not even proposed to her. Besides her birthday was coming up and she did not want much stress on her for her birthday. She was finally turning 22 and it would officially be 4 years since she has been out of the tower. So she decided to spend her day by having fun with her family.

The first thing they did was breakfast. Rapunzel go eggs, bacon, and her toast. While eating a waiter came up to her and told her a message.

"Today you will help others smile and as I will help you smile." After saying this the waiter thanked the royal family for coming and said breakfast was on him.

The next thing they did was give presents for the children. Rapunzel did this every year when she came back. She decided to give the children toys so they can play with them and enjoy themselves instead of being bored and worrying about things they shouldn't be worrying about. Once Rapunzel arrived at the village she went from door to door to spread a message about having a dream and being happy. Once she finished that, she went into the bag but found all the presents gone. She then looked up and saw a child playing with one of them. He stood up and said,

"Thank you princess, but someone from the castle already gave us toys. He told us to give you these in return." The boy then whistled and in a flash kids from all over the village were in the same place.

In their hands they help yellow roses and smiles on their faces. As they circled around the princess they gave her the roses one by one saying Happy Birthday.

It was finally time for the Lantern Show. Rapunzel searched the whole castle looking for Flynn until finally she gave up since he was no where to be found. Her mother finally asked her to come out on the balcony with her and her father. As she walked out she saw Flynn on the balcony with his back toward her looking out over the balcony.

Rapunzel went to go stand next to him and smiled

"Remember that one night under the lanterns. You took me out on a boat ride and got us both lanterns. From then I knew that you weren't just a theif, but my best friend."

"I don't want to be your friend anymore." Flynn said

"What, why..." Rapunzel was shocked.

"Just let me explain. From the moment I saw you and gave you the smolder, I knew that just being friends won't work." Flynn stated.

Rapunzel looked out over the balcony and saw the town gathering with lanterns.

Flynn continued " I still want to be friends, I just want to be something more than friends like," Flynn paused and pulled out a small red square box "maybe your husband." He smiled and opened the box in it was a beautiful diamond ring. "Rapunzel will you marry me?"

Rapunzel smiled from ear to ear looking at the ring. "Yes, absolutly Flynn."

Flynn stood up kissed her and placed the ring onher finger and stood over the balcony

"SHE SAID YES!" he yelled to the rest of the balcony.

Rapunzel was finally content, she didn't have to set up things to get Flynn to propose to her, he was already planning it. In the end Rapunzel got engaged to Flynn and they lived Happily Ever After.

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