Pocahontas was back in the village of her family. She lived in England with her husband John Smith and was very happy with her new civilized life. but needed to get some fresh air every now and then. So she asked John if she could take a ship to see her family. Luckily he said yes, him and his group of voyagers did not need the ships simply because it was a holiday. Christmas was just around the corner and the voyagers would finally be getting rest since Governor Ratcliffe would not let them break until they found a sustainable amount of gold for the country of Spain to live on. But he was in jail and the voyagers had breaks now more than ever.

As John and Pocahontas traveled on the ship to meet with her family Pocahontas stood at the hull in her tribe clothes and felt the colors of the wind. Virginia never had the colors of the wind. Sure it was filled with great sight, sounds, and smells, but Pocahontas did not want anything artificial she wanted something real. Once the ship docked near land Pocahontas jumped of the ship and landed on the soft dew dropped grass. She haven't felt that feeling in a long time the damp grass comforted her in ways no one could imagine. It was how she connected with nature. Well that and talking to Grandmother Willow.

Someone soon tapped her shoulder and said "You're home."

When Pocahontas looked around she saw her best fried Nakoma

Pocahontas gasped. "Nakoma, I missed you dearly. Our canoe rides, me jumping down the waterfall and you looking worried at the end.

"Your father is waiting for you in his tent. I'll take you to him." Nakoma said.

As Nakoma, John, and Pocahontas traveled to the camp they all talked about the fascinations of Virginia.

"You should really try their baked treats," John said "They're warm and fluffy and very sweet."

"I brought my people some treats as well as little toys for the children here." Pocahontas said

"We are very thankful for this Pocahontas." Nakoma said.

Once the trio reached the camp they were greeted with hugs and warm welcomes. Pocahontas looked around for her father and found him speaking to men in front of his tent near the campfire. Then he looked up and Pocahontas was overfilled with joy. He soon stood up, dismissed the men and walked over to Pocahontas.

"My baby girl, you've grown up so much now. You look just like your mother. I've missed you so much." her father said.

"I've missed you to father. I brought gifts from Virginia for the tribe and the children as well." Pocahontas said.

"Thank you," her father said as he stood up holding both hands up waiting for the silence of the tribe, Once they got quiet he spoke again. "My daughter has brought treats and toys for the tribe. We are forever grateful for a taste of what she is experiencing. My daughter has come home to spend time with her home tribe. Let us show her an abundance of love."

The tribe soon burst into whoops and screams for Pocahontas. After a couple minutes the children surrounded Pocahontas and she handed them wooden cars, dolls, and wooden games. She then handed out treats to everyone in the tribe they seemed to enjoy the doughnuts as well as the croissants and the ice cream with cones. Her time with the tribe as well as John's time with the tribe would be a great one. She would finally get her Happily Ever After with her family after all.

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