Anna was happy that her sister was back with her and the rest of the gang in Arendelle. She wanted to do so much with her sister, but she didn't know what they could do together. So while Elsa was sleep, and since she got up early in the morning she travelled to the rock trolls canyon with Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven to plan out Anna's day with Elsa.

"I need something to last the whole day with her." Anna says.

"So an outing?' asks Kristoff.

"Right." says Anna.

"And a place witih lots of food." suggests Olaf.

"Yes, yes, and yes!" exclaimed Anna

"So what does that look like?" ask Kristoff.

As Anna thought about this she noticed the rock trolls were playing rambuntious games that kind of looked like gamaes people would play at an event. And then it hit her.

"We should make an amusment park." said Anna

"That's a great ideas." said Kristoff

"Yes, that is a great idea. Uh Anna what is an amusment park?" asked Olaf

"Well, an amusment park was all the things we described. An outdoor activity with games and lots of food. It will be the perfect day. And since Elsa brought back Summer, the perfect weather as well."

So the gang left the rocl trolls' lair and head off to start planning the amusment park. Anna would handle the food, Kristoff would rent rides from Oaken, and Olaf would set up the games and provide assistance whnever needed. They group was done making the amusment park within a couple of hours before everybody woke up. Now all Anna had to do was wake Elsa up and get the people of Arendelle to the designated area for the amusment park. Anna ran up to Elsa room, knocked on the door and sang "Do you wanna spend a day together?" Elsa opened up within a matter of minutes dressed in her blue gown and the sisters set off to spend a day together.

When they got to the amusment park they played games, ate funnel cakes and hot dogs and rode the ferris wheel together, they even won prizes for eachother. Anna and Elsa went around and enoyed each others company together as sisters once more. At the end of the day the sisters rode the ferris wheel one more time. Once at the top Elsa thanked Anna for a wonderful day together. 

'Oh, its no problem." said Anna.

It was truly a perfect day and the sisters lived Happily Ever after.


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