Ok guys I know I suck at all of this writing stuff and I really appreciate your patience with me through all of this but as I am in my third year of high school which makes me a junior it is getting very stressful as we are getting told about college applications and looking at programs to choose from and I already know my top choice but I am having to focus on school now more as I need a 65% or higher in Math, English, Biology, Chemistry and any other courses I will need for it and I have never been very good at math and have always struggled with it and I am also having a bit of a hard time in Biology so I am going to have to have irregular and random updates for this story and any of my other ones for the next little while as we are also getting our final year end projects that are called summatives and they are worth any where between 10-30% of your final mark and the exam is worth 20-30% of the final mark also depending on if you have a final year end project and for my classes this semester I have 3 exams so on June 21-23rd I will not be able to update any of these at all. I'm really thankful for you guys sticking with me through my horrible writing and updating but I am also going through some family problems and mental health issues as well so everything in my life is pretty hectic right now and I have been having a little bit of writers block for my stories and for my song lyrics that I also write but as soon as I get the chance I am going to write the next chapter and Publish it for you guys all to read, I'm hoping you decide to stick with me while this happens. I love all of you guys so much and don't forget I am always going to accept hate and or Criticism on my writing and stories. Don't forget to tell your friends and family about this story and if you ever want to talk to me about something personal I am always hear for you no matter what if you ever need to rant or talk with someone comment and I will do my very best to be there for any and all of you.

I love all of you guys so do not hurt yourself and if you think you need to just message me and I will give you my name on social media and we can talk through that ok. I love you all so never forget that.


Bit 6

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