*The Next Day*

As Luke was walking to school the next morning he saw Bailey so he decided to try and talk to her or get her to tell him more about Josh. "Hey Bailey wait for me", he said as he was jogging so that he could catch up with her. "Hey Luke" said Bailey. "umm Bailey I have a question to ask you that might make you uncomfortable but you don't need to answer it right now or ever if you don't want to."he said while looking at her face and saw she was curious about it but was nervous at the same time. "Oh ok Luke sure go ahead and if i don't feel comfortable with answering it right now i will let you know does that sound good" she said as her and Luke continued walking to School. "Ok Bailey, I was just wondering what happened or is happening between you and Josh and you were glaring at him like he was your worst nightmare come true that you wanted to set on fire." he said to her. "Oh ok, um do you want the short version or the long version with all the details that might make you look at me a whole lot differently, and you might look at me as the victim or as an idiot for staying with him, just what ever you do please don't laugh at me or go around telling everyone as i am telling you this in complete trust and secrecy?" Bailey said to Luke as a look of shock and confusion mixed with anger and sadness. "Ok I promise i will not tell anyone or treat you any differently then i currently treat you." Luke said to Bailey as a look of relief came across her face. "Ok thank you so much Luke." she said once the wave of relief started washing over her. "It's no problem Bailey really it isn't i mean what are friends for if not to keep each other's secrets." he stated as they arrived to school and got to their locker's. "Ok do you want to come over after school today?" Bailey asked Luke in the crowded, loud school hallway. "Sure i would love to come over after school." Luke told Bailey. "Ok i will tell you everything today when you come over after school and Michael, Calum, and Ashton will be there also as they already know what happened and will tell you the parts that i am unable to repeat as it would be extremely difficult for me to describe or explain to you." Bailey said as she got her books out of her locker. "Ok I will see you in class and later today i have to go and talk to my Guidance Counselor about my classes or something like that, but i actually think she just wants to know how i am doing fitting in here and if its a bit of a culture shock and to make sure everything is going ok for me." Luke stated as he closed his locker. "Ok I will see you later then Luke" said Bailey as she closed and locked her locker and proceeded to walk away so she could make it to class on time.

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