Bit 3 Chapter One

I was just on my way to school and texting my best friend Jemma one day while I was walking and I have the path memorized and there is almost no one walking my way at the time I leave so I didn’t bother to look where I was going when all of a sudden I crashed into something that was tall and as hard as a brick wall. After I crashed into the ground and looked up to see what, I had crashed into I looked up and all I was able to do was stare at the person in amazement and annoyance. The person bent down to help me up and pick up my school bag that had spilled all over the pavement path from my fall. After he helped me up he introduced himself and apologized while I was doing the same thing for not looking where I was going. It turned out his name was Luke. Luke and I talked for a bit until I heard the bell go for class to start and I realized that I was going to be late for class so I told Luke that I had to go and run to class or I would be late. Luke asked what school I go to and my response was John McCrae Secondary School. I then found out that he had just moved here and that he was going to my school. So I being the nice person I am offered to show him around if he would like. He responded with a yes and as we were walking to school we kept talking. When we got to school I took him to the office so that he could get his schedule. On his schedule it had his locker number and I asked if he would like me to show him where his locker was. Luke accepted my offer. I showed him where his locker was and asked him what class he had first it turned out we had all the same classes together. I showed him to class where we sat down beside each other in English at the end of English he asked for my number which I happily gave to him as I considered him a friend. I hoped he considered me as a friend as well.

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