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Bit 4

So before I start I just wan to say sorry for the third bit, and this is going to be a flash back of Emma's life before she came a Babysitter.

"Emma come on sweetheart" Emma rolled over and faced her window it was a gloomy day, it was going to rain "Emma come on" her mother yelled once again "Ok mama I'm coming" Emma rolled out of bed and looked out the window and there he was the guy Emma fell in love with "Finn" Emma said under her breath. He fell in love with some other girl and they were gonna get married that's where Emma was going to today there wedding.

Emma walked down the hallway wearing a pretty gold dress and she was barefoot "Hey mamma do I have to go" her mom turned and face her "Sweetheart I know you still love him" Emma looked down at the ground "I don't want to go" Emma's mom walk to her "Emma your going, and your gonna show him what hes missing ok" Emma grabbed a cup of coffee and walked outside.

"Hey Finn" Emma yelled as she sat down Finn turned and looked at her "Em..Are you.." Emma took a drink of her coffee "Yes Finn I am" Finn looked to the ground "Em, look I'm sorry for hurting yo-" Emma shot up "Hurting me, Finn I'm in love with you and you can't even see it, and for god-snakes I'm going to you wedding and I don't even want to "  Finn walked up to her and grabbed her side pulled her in and kissed her and Emma kissed him back.

"Finn" Tiffany his soon to be wife yelled at him Finn flipped around "Tiff,it's not what it looks like" Tiffany stared crying "are you happy now Emma you got what you wanted" and by this time Emma's mom came out side Emma looked at Tiffany "Your mad at me, I heard you and your mother the other day saying "The only reason you want to marry Finn is so you can get money and after three yeas past your divorcing him so yeah" Finn turned and faced Tiffany "Is that true" Finn said holding my hand.

Bit 3

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