Emma, Alex,Nick and Dinnai all walk on to the stage, Emma is carrying her bag and her house keys, Alex has his phone up to his nose and Nick and Dinnai are still fighting Dinnai-- Git a life (throws her bag at him) god your so.... Nick-- I'm what? Emma--Dear lord do yall two have to fight all the time Alex-- is the door open yet its frezzing out here (shivres) Emma finds the key and unlocks the door and all three kids run in the house Alex --good god it took you that long to find a stupied key....orangeze you crap Dinnai--is there any milk (flings open a door and starts to look thorw the food) Emma--it way to eat something..go to bed Nick-- NO your not the boss of me Emma--I'm am 20 years old and you are 6 so yes i am... go to bed to be countied (People yall can add on to)