When I woke up, at first I was surprised by how dark it was, then I was startled because I wasn't in my bed. I wasn't even in the flat. I was outside, and I was staring at the old entrance to Tut's tomb. Then, I hear yelling. A young man whom I recognize as a man that works for my parents, who also couldn't be more than 19 or 20 years old, is yelling for me to stop. I turn to face him, blinking in shock. My hair falls forward to hide my face, and the man says "Did you not hear me yelling?" I shake my head.
"I'm sorry." I say. "I didn't hear you."
"Were you sleep walking?" He asks me. His eyes are wide and blue, and with his messy blonde hair and slightly tanned skin, he seems very much out of place in this sandy landscape. 
"Probably." I rub my arms. "My parents are going to be livid."
"Delphi and Ibrahim?" He asks me. "You're their daughter, right?"
"Yes." I say. "And you are following the excavation, yeah?" 
"Yeah." He gives me a peculiar look, and says "I'm Alistair Gray."
"Amaunet Ra." I say, smiling. 
"Right. Well, come along. Your parents are probably scared half to death." Alistair says, smirking. 
I let him guide me back to the flat, where my parents are standing outside the building, and my mom rushes forward when she sees me.
"Oh my god! Amaunet! Are you sleep walking again?" She asks hysterical as my father walks calmly over to us.
My father puts one hand on Alistair's shoulder, pulling him to the side, talking fast in a voice so quiet, Alistair has to be the only one who can hear what my father is saying. 
Alistair glances over at me with a small smile. I smile back, and clear my throat. 
"I haven't slept walk since I was 11 years old, mom. Don't worry. It probably wont happen again."
"I would sure hope not." My mom says, giving me a look. "Alistair?" My mom asks, and my father and Alistair walk over.
"Yes, Ma'am?" He asks, politely.
"Where did you find her?" My mom asks, watching me.
"Near Tut's tomb. If I wouldn't have been out there, she would have fell in and probably broke a bone." Alistair says.
"Thank you for being there and keeping her safe." 
"My pleasure, Ma'am. " Alistair says, smiling. My father clamps Alistair on the back, and Alistair says "I should probably go finish looking over the sonar. I'll see you guys in the morning." He glances at me again, and I nod.
My mom asks me "How in the world did you find your way to Tut's tomb!? You've never once been there in your entire life, Amaunet!"
"I don't know. I was asleep, mom. Let's just leave it as something I probably saw on T.V., okay?"
"Alright." My mother says, hugging me tightly as Alistair giggles and walks away. My cheeks become hot, and I pull away from my mother, and follow my parents inside the flat, where my mother closes my bedroom door, walks down the hall to her and my father's room.
The next time I wake up, sunlight is peeking through the curtain in my bedroom and I smell bacon, eggs, pancakes, and coffee drifting towards my room from the little kitchen of our flat. I walk out to the kitchen, and my parents hand me a fresh, hot plate of food. I sit down, before remembering I'm in my nightgown, and also what had happened in the middle of the night. I blush remembering the way my mother had hugged me in front of the guy who works for them, Alistair, and how he laughed when my other agreed I had to have seen the tomb on T.V.
I eat my breakfast, hoping that I wont have to talk to Alistair today. I finish eating, get dressed, and grab my backpack, my notebook and pen, and my camera, then put my stuff in the backpack, and go out to the living room where my parents are on their phones, talking to other people who are part of the excavation. When they get off their phones, I remember mine, and put it in my backpack before we leave the flat and make our way to the tomb, where Alistair and all of the other workers are waiting for us.
Alistair glances at me, smiling, and I give him a shy smile back. We all descend into the tomb after my parents tell us what to be watching for. The air grows cooler, and the light begins to recede. I put on my hard hat with the light, and take another step into the tomb. We split up into groups, my parents with some of the older workers, while Alistair and I are with some of the younger workers. I'm concious of Alistair walking close to me as we all walk into one of the hidden chambers. I feel a slight shaking under my feet, and I grab for the wall, and miss. Alistair grabs my arm and pulls me close to him so I don't fall. I thank him quietly, and pull away, just in time too, because the others glance back and tell us to hurry up, that we don't have all day. We begin searching the walls for any levers or anything, but find none. There is one crevice that looks strange to me though, and when no one else is paying attention, I press against it. Bad idea, though, and suddenly the world spins around me, and I fall into a deep dark abyss, and everything turns black.


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